Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana

Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana

To call what the Hyde family has been through a “parent’s worst nightmare” sounds like a horrible cliche. But, it’s hard to imagine …


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  • So, if the parents couldn't pay, would the hospital just send him away?

  • Any 1 get me in contact wit that dude my daughter is currently on her bed now

  • How is cash doing?

  • Dude imagine being a kid that's about to get their make a wish, and to get cured you hit a bump and boom.

  • Nothing impossible for our God in Jesus name.
    I pray he stay well and cancer free.

  • that kid sure joined the hood early🥴

  • The US and UK are barbaric .
    Holing onto a cotton and Hemp battle and spending a fortune on prisons and lost wages.
    In Canada were are a DEMOCRATIC country that went legal years ago and we make billions for the country and save on courts and prisons and lost wages.
    We can also use Cannabis for tumours because we are backwards and read studies.

  • I don’t understand why this plant is illegal this plant is medication without side effects

  • amazing! this melts my heart

  • My son has ADHD and I'm telling you it really helped him and my bad parent for that many will say yes.. but I seen it work he calmed the hell down.. that's for sure

  • coming from someone in year 2022… this just showwwsssss weed is the way to live and heal😫

  • Glad things are getting better in terms of legalizing the plants around us

  • If someone smokes lettuce or cabbage and get a high, does that make lettuce or cabbage a drug ?Its not a drug but it is a plant, herb or medicine. If it grows from the ground, then it is a herb. It was never meant for smoking. This is a very good advert for this medicine. The deep love of a parent.

  • Why are people saying rip he survived

  • And the reason why it won't be legal for people with cancer it's because the government won't get paid and hospitals can't take credit for it

  • Smart father.
    I'm with him.

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  • I met cash hyde and his dad, good people

  • This is devastating. I have lived with a brain tumor for about 15 years and it’s been the hardest fight of my life. I’ve been using mmj for a year now and I’m confident it’s saved my life. Good job dad. 💜

  • Nothing wrong with Herbs@ The big pharmaceutical companies lose money when people turn to alternative medicines which is the original medicine of mankind

  • Cashy is my hero, without hearing his story and getting help from his family my husband wouldn't be alive. I am forever grateful for them.

  • Marijuana has always been demonized since I can remember. But come to us every winter for your free flu jab!

  • YES!

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  • I personally know two people who were cured with RSO without using any medical drugs at all

  • Cannabis/hemp oil has been shown to help with diabetes,all type cancer,heart disease, syndrome, liver disease, kidney disease, HIV/aids,epilepsy, PTSD/PTS, arthritis,asthma. etc. Powerful medicine selling like Hot cake It cures beyond your expectations. Buy one today and give testimony of this wonderful product.Email him ( )

  • They got the money already…

  • Does anyone know how this little boy is doing now???

  • Good for you!!! Also, hundreds of people are curing themselves without nasty chemical treatments that often do NOT work and cause long term damage or death! Organic vegetables (juiced in the morning – about 64 ounces with about 8 oz. drunk every hour. You can save the juice in small canning jars and take them to work with you. Keep the lid on and keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh. Use a combination of these, usually at least carrots, beets, kale, ginger root and celery, but find a way to consume raw onion and raw garlic (organic). This will be a quick way to “kick start” your new lifestyle! Some of the best veggies/fruits are broccoli, beets, kale, celery, ginger root, carrots, green apple, lemon (juiced with the skin on), spinach, leeks, garlic and onions are great anti-cancer foods! You can cut up a clove of garlic and chew on it fast and then chase it down with water. Onion can be put in a salad. I personally don’t care for leeks, onion or garlic in my vegetable juice. These are all anti-angiogenic foods which means they prevent new cancer feeding blood vessels from forming. By consuming loads of these vegetables (easiest via juicing) angiogenesis is slowed or halted. Organic berries, especially blueberries and other fruits are great too because of the antioxidant properties! Green tea is amazing too and helps detoxify your body!

    Get plenty of sleep/relaxation, even if it just means a good night’s rest! Our body heals itself between 10 pm and 2 am and if we are not sleeping then, our immune system will be horribly compromised!!!!!

    A tablespoon of powered turmeric in a glass of water does wonders because it brings down the inflammation and when taken before drinking the juice along with cayenne pepper capsules helps thin the blood and carry the nutrients to your cells. A salad 2 x per day with lots of good stuff is amazing too, but no salad dressings. No sugar, no artificial flavorings/colors, no processed food whatsoever. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS, including milk, cheese, ice cream, meat, etc. No fried foods at all!! NO OIL. Also, oil that reaches high heat feeds cancer! No flour/wheat products except for Einkorn flour purchased online via Jovial foods (it is the only wheat that is not hybridized). No corn or corn products, no peanuts (fungus grows easily on peanuts and cancer loves fungus) or mushrooms (which is also a fungus). No soy even organic soy. They are now putting soy in bread products (all bagels), canned goods (even organic), candies, ice cream and even in supplements. Read all labels. No Kombucha and if you need a probiotic, try a pre-biotic and probiotic combination, but all natural and with NO dairy, soy, sugar or artificial ingredients. Nut milks in moderation are okay, but usually only some of the ones that are refrigerated and then also read labels! Any kind of “gum” is not good such as xanthum gum, etc. Try to get nutrients from whole foods rather than supplements which often contain stearic acid, citric acid, soy or other bad chemicals. Do not consume supplement capsules made of gelatin/animal products.

    For healthy food recipes see the Whole foods plant based cooking show. However, the host on some of the shows includes soy and liquid aminos. ☹

    Staying hydrated by drinking lots of good water is essential because cancer loves thick blood and when you drink enough liquids (just not too much to get water poisoning) it keeps your blood thin and circulating like it should which carries oxygen to your cells – cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment! An ozonator can be purchased for about $50.00 on Amazon. It infuses oxygen into the water and as mentioned, cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. DO NOT drink from those plastic water bottles which contain BPA and is known to make fake estrogen (bad for hormonal cancers). Exercise is extremely important. Stay away from protein shakes, slim fast and ensure type supplements (which contain carrageenan a carcinogenic substance).

    Honey, agave, maple or other syrups feed cancer. So do packages sauces/gravies containing yeast (it seems they all do). Stay away from anything containing yeast, breads, etc. Making your own sour dough bread is okay if you use “wild yeast”/”old fashioned starter”, but use Einkorn Flour (purchased online at Jovial Foods – $33.00 for 10 lbs delivered to your door) or better yet use a mixture of gluten free flours, but not the gluten free baking mixes which contain chemicals. It’s best to mix for example, coconut flour, almond flour and tapioca flour – this works well. You can also use baking powder (aluminum free – purchased online) or pure baking soda. Jam should consist of only pure fruit. Use medjool dates (can be purchased at Sprouts) as a sweetener and this can be incorporated when you make your own jam. Remember “organic’ is important since the put bad chemicals on the fruits – you can easily taste it on grapes, pears and strawberries for example. Walmart has a section of organic vegetables and then a free standing area where the vegetables are of organic fruits, they also keep their potatoes, tomatoes and onions there. Try to limit tomatoes which cause inflammation. If needed use a healthy ketchup sweetened only with dates, but it does contain vinegar (which makes the body acidic?). Perhaps drink a ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water before consuming tomatoes. Make fries by using Walmart organic potatoes sliced in wedges and baked in the over at 350 degrees til done on parchment paper instead of oil. You can also just bake potatoes in the oven without aluminum (which is bad). Get aluminum free deodorant! Brush your teeth with baking soda or an all natural toothpaste without fluoride! You can bake squash in the oven too (in a little water), including zuchinni (spelling?) and onions. Saute vegetables on the stove with a little good water instead of oil. Use salt sparingly, but only use pure Himalayan salt and pure sea salt. There’s a brand of “sea salt” at Walmart that contains a bad chemical. Read all your labels before consuming anything!

    Green coffee enemas especially when first diagnosed with cancer helps the liver quickly jumpstart the detoxifying process.

    Calcium, iron and copper feed cancer so stay away from foods like cocoa powder which is full of copper, if you do really crave it, use organic cocoa and not the alkalized dutch cocoa powder. You do NOT need iron supplements or even folic acid!!! Get natural folate from green leafy vegetables. Every cell in our bodies need magnesium to function normally, but if you take magnesium you need to also take potassium so you don’t end up with an electrolyte imbalance.

    Be careful of artificial sweeteners which often contain erythritol (a sugar alcohol), especially stevia containing products even if they say “all natural” or “organic”. Some sugars will say “pure cane” sugar, but they are in fact “pure evil”! Stay away from products containing alcohol which also feeds cancer. All natural stevia (with no erythritol) and pure monk fruit extract are fine. As mentioned, organic dates are an excellent sweetener, but not date sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, etc. They all feed cancer!

    DO NOT eat any processed foods such as frozen meals! Many of the so called “energy or protein bars” that they say are so healthy, feed cancer. Stay away from animal products, even whey, lactose, etc.

    Watch “Chris Beat Cancer” on Youtube. He has helped hundreds of people cure themselves of this terrible modern disease without poisoning themselves with unnatural, toxic chemotherapy. Do not believe what the FDA tells you, they are full of lies….look at all the cancer promoting foods, drinks & supplements they have approved! I am not a medical professional, but caution again oncologists who insist on poisoning their patients with chemotherapy. Even the hospitals feed their patients with cookies and sugary drinks, jello, etc. Not saying they do this on purpose, many mean well, they just don’t know better. 20 Years from now, if things keep going this way, just about everyone on this planet that does not stay away from these foods/eat healthily, will most likely have cancer.

    Exercise every day is very helpful, but open the windows if you exercise in your house so you’re not constantly breathing in carbon dioxide and where possible stay away from those nasty masks that don’t really do anything anyway! Sit in the sun this has amazing healing properties!!!

  • The government doesn't want you using CBD Because that means no money for the pharmaceutical demons. Fuck them! The real drugs come from prescribed drugs.

  • Damn wish my parents did this

  • There is NOTHING controversial about this! They just don’t want people to know the truth. CHEMO IS A SCAM AND THEY KNOW IT 😡

  • So much have evolve since then, that's why we are still also advocating for the legalization of this wonderful medicine

  • How long will doctors gaslight us over Cannabis oil. This little boys cancer free status is proof of it's efficacy. Is it better to follow antiquated laws and die instead. Sadly some would say yes, just do your chemo, shut up, and die.

  • Cannabis is excellent for healing. However in my opinion all drugs should be kept out of schools as it's not generally a good idea to let people under the age of 18 smoke it, or use any recreational drug at all. I have used cannabis for a long time, and so long as one smokes in moderation there are only good side effects.

  • Cannabis is li,e a medicine god created ut humans rejects it.

  • I'm seeing all these older comments saying CBD is the only thing that's needed. It's a proven fact that THC is also needed in many cases. I KNOW this to be true because of personal friends kids using just CBD and when that did nothing, they started giving their kids CBD and THC and the effects were almost immediate!!! PLEASE talk with "QUALIFIED" folks at "QUALIFIED" dispensaries and tell them what your kids, yourself, your parents, friends or whoever's symptoms are and they can help you choose what's needed. With that said, if one ratio of CBD and THC doesn't work, DONT give up….you might have try several different kinds to find the right one. Though some are, a lot of doctors unfortunately aren't qualified enough in the US yet to give proper information about cannabis dosing and ratios so do your research first. Cannabis is truly saving lives!!! I've seen it cure a childs leukemia with my own eyes and I cant begin to explain the joy it gave me so now, I have become an activist for it. I've also seen it cure/help SO MANY other people, some personal friends.

  • One love ❤️

  • Okay but if it helped ease the pain, why does it matter? Ya'll people give more fucks about the traditional laws, rules and regulations and are so stuck up bent by it that you can't make your own opinion or decision. You'll be saying this story is controversial and wrong on so many levels until the Government chooses to legalize marijuana, at which point, you'll follow blindly. And it won't even occur to you that this 2 year old with cancer actually received relief from Cannabis. Please.

  • In shock that this story has 64 thumbs down!! There are some real heartless bastards out there, smh.

  • Law before life of kids? Boy, we are really screwed up..

  • hi my son has a seizure disorder and I'm try to get medical marijuana for him I don't know where to look please help me.

  • It is NOT a drug, it is an seed baring HERB. The plant of renown. One plant to heal the nations.

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