Criticism raised over recipients of Georgia's medical marijuana license

Criticism raised over recipients of Georgia's medical marijuana license

Some businesses not approved are complaining the state misread their applications.




  • I've heard just go to Denver or Las Vegas, an set up a account with a Dispensary there. An they will ship it to you by UPS or FedEx to your door. An charges it to your debit card. I guess Georgia doesn't need the Sale Tax Revenue?

  • Black company and Latino companies should get there quarter of the business.

  • how may people they trying to supply? how many customers are they working for?

  • I hate to say it but I'm not moving to Georgia until they allow home growing lol.

  • 😎

  • Georgia you could make alot of tax money off recreational

  • Y’all ain’t stopping shit jus make weed legal y’all make money and no more arrest and its off the street best idea ever but y’all are ducking stupid as shit

  • It doesn't matter who sells the marijuana as long as marijuana is still fraudulently illegal. Ohio voters got fooled into caring about who would sell it and voted down their legalization initiative in 2015. They still haven't legalized yet. — DON'T BE FOOLED. – PASS ALL LEGISLATION TO REFORM MARIJUANA LAWS. – All progress is good.

  • rec/med. Nobody wants that grose processed 5% oil

  • 😆 A bunch of old white folks rep the benefits of the legalization of marijuana. I wonder how many of them got damn there cavity searched on the side of the road during a traffic stop because of the detected odor of marijuana? 🤔

  • Money, money, money!! Of course those that can pay the largest DONATIONS got the contracts. Like this is the first time. Oh please!!

  • So glad Michigan got it right and our medicine isn't controlled by clowns with money .

  • Them giving them friends how many of these people like weed or go to jail for weed

  • Why six? Makes no sense? Who are the six people? Corruption going on here

  • Let folks grow their own.

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