Our skincare routine videos are coming soon but we wanted to drop this video in advance so that people know how to navigate those videos. Skincare routines should be tailored to your specific concerns and not copied from other people!

0:00 Introduction
3:18 Acne
9:54 Anti-aging
14:33 Uneven Texture
15:52 Hyperpigmentation
19:12 Final thoughts

Actives that treat acne:
Salicylic acid:
Benzoyl peroxide:
Azelaic acid:

Actives for anti-aging:
-Vitamin C:
-High strength exfoliants:

Actives that treat textured skin:
-Exfoliants (Lactic acid, glycolic acid)

Actives that treat pigmentation:
-Sunscreen, specifically tinted sunscreens:
-Vitamin C:
-Others: Hydroquinone, Alpha arbutin, Tranexamic acid, Niacinamide

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  • I got a permanent scar using a product for using 4 weeks . It has been 4 and a half year ..please tell me what should i do …please please answer me

  • Application? Everyday? Once a day? Twice? I give my face vacations using only moisturizer & sunscreen.

  • I’m in my mid 60’s, I’ve had Jessner peels done twice year for at least 20 years now. I started micro needling a few years ago. Between the peels and micro needling these two things and skin care have removed my hyperpigmentation, built collagen, and keeps my fine lines at bay.

  • Can we put retinoids on you neck and arms?

  • Salicylic acid made me break out with a bunch of white heads benzoyl peroxide irritates my skin makes it red and dry ugh seems nothing works for me

  • I like the fake branches over the globe!

  • Can you guys make some videos about scalp care or something like that? Because I've heard that the speed that scalp age is like 6 times faster than our facial skin, right? But I don't understand why people care SOOOOOOO MUCH about their facial skin but NOT with their scalp or something? And PLUS, if you drop your hair or something, you're gonna look older too, so can you guys make content about these kinda subjects, please?

  • Hello there and thank you for such great videos… I am 35 and dark skin and I have never really had any acne or serious skin issue growing up except chin hairs .. I just started an anti aging skin care routine and have been sticking to it however how would you suggesting starting procedures for anti aging as there are somany out there.. can you please make a video on office procedures for anti aging that are effective and how often… Thank you again for all the amazing content

  • Thank you so much for your great introduction. It is really important to have such a roadmap in the ocean of skin care products.

  • Love the globe and the table – a much larger globe would be nice and add 3x the amount of (twigs) – yeah.

  • Girls, type "organic chaga cream" on youtube and the first results that come up, order that organic chaga cream. In just a few weeks, or even days, you will see an incredible change in your face. Chaga works wonders on the skin.

  • doesnt sun cream clog your pores especially if you use it every day?

  • how is this app free?1

  • 9:18 Yup, went in too late now they say if i want my scars gone i have to get each one injected individually.. 😔

  • Can you do a video about products to avoid or use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this time retinols, salicylic acids are not ok to use but what are good alternatives?

  • Are BBL or PDO threads good procedures for collagen building?

  • Is it safe to use Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid within the same routine? I use the Cerave SA Cleanser in the morning along with vitamin C and moisturizer with SPF. And the Cerave Acne Foaming Cream cleanser at night with a retinol serum. My skin has responded very well and I no longer break out; however I thought i might be overdoing it by using benzoyl and SA in my regimen.

  • Bliss Pro 11.8% AHA, BHA, PHA Liquid Exfoliant has everything ! Lactic etc. sensitive skin here and it causes no irritation.

  • How many products you need to use for acne and age moisturizer plus vitamin c anything else like 4 products a day or more? Renoids

  • You guys ever thought of creating your own brand/products? I know people would love to buy them!

  • Do you guys have any suggestions for what to do with my collection of skincare products that didn't work for me? I hate to throw them all in the trash if there's a way to get them into someone else's hands

  • Do you have a video on hormonal acne? If yes kindly add the link to in the comments. Thank you

  • I was wondering do you advise Cleanse, Treat, Protect at night and morning or do you just treat at night or day? Also love your videos. It inspired me to finally start a routine to care for my face!

  • Hey guys, I am 20 years old I have no fine lines nor Wrinkles, but I dont want to wait for them to appear to start working on them. Could you help me figure out how to prevent them? I think maybe using hyaluronic acid so young might not even be helpful

  • Dermatology is to chemistry as dietetics is to biology. According to dietitians, tomatoes are a vegetable.

  • i just use the green shit and then the blue shit Cerave makes and that's good enough.

  • Me: using every active ingredient that they listed for acne in my routine because one at a time did nothing and I STILL get acne sometimes 😳

  • Can u recommend best dermatologist in South India…… It's hard for me to find one.

  • What order should the products be applied?

  • Can anybody here show me example routine for acne with 4 products they recommended? What’s for morning, what’s for evening? 😂

  • 3:02 Hi! Just wondering if you guys ever posted your personal skin care routines? I looked everywhere haha! I am interested in Dr. Shah’s routine since I’m also targeting anti-aging and texture. Thank you!

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