Could Medical Cannabis save the NHS?

Could Medical Cannabis save the NHS?

“Up until he access to medical cannabis on the NHS, he was having up to 150 tonic-clonic seizures a week.” The government …


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  • i dunno but it would fricking save me

  • The government is killing this country,legal cannabis should be on nhs

  • I am so lucky to be able to pay for my private prescription. My dr is wonderful and the 40gs a month of noidec green gelato is SO worth it – they make it sound so much harder to get than it is. I wish more people knew about this

  • ThcV and CBD for epilepsy…
    These are just two of the 400+ endo-cannabinoids known in cannabis…each individual patient will have their own individual "recipie" of endo-cannabinoids for health.

  • Yes

  • I have seizures flop about like a fish . Tonic clonic and petimal cannabis is only thing that helps my doc won't give me it

  • The idea that there is such a thing as "medicinal" or "medicinal" cannabis is preposterous, just as the idea that there is such a thing as "recreational" cannabis. the only difference between the two so called cannabis types is the use to which the cannabis is put. the same cultivar may be used both within a medicinal context and in a so called "recreational" context., there are many herbs that have medicinal properties which are used equally well outside of the medicinal context and yet we don't have a big hooha of calling them "medicinal" herbs or " medical" herbs. now referring to the "dangers" associated with THC, their dangers are at worst transitory in most cases and significantly less of a risk compared against many pharmaceutical products. or the invasive procedures that are requited before a patient gets anywhere near the slightest chance of a prescription for cannabis for use medicinally. as for the associated costs relating to cannabis, they are largely artificially engineered costs imposed by government. the complexity of the compounds in cannabis do not render them amenable to RCT's as is the case with single molecule pharmaceutical studies and I would venture that observational evidence carries far greater weight than the current clinical trial model.

  • Look up 👆 to the handle. He sell/ ships this and other psychedelic/Psilocybin stuff discreetly🍄💊🍫…

  • I have given up on this country, i move the Thailand where they just legalized in exactly one month, i am just sorry for the ones left behind, how can anyone grow if the power costs increase 1000%?

  • Thanks Much !.

  • The Tories would probably prefer to just throw you all into a furnace.

  • The tide is turning the common person now is seeing that the NhUsless is just a big club for the employees to have one big jolly on the tax payer and not deliver what its paid for, an insurance system with private providors is now looking more and more likely and the timeframe is shrinking fast …

  • I don't think I'd still be around without cannabis.
    Sadly, throughout 2022 I've had to do without – so I didn't do a thing all year (instead of continuing work on my new album).

  • Great for treating arthritis

  • Grow you’re own

  • Yes. Legalize it.

  • No. Well, that's that one answered.

  • I’m a current uk medicinal patient through the Sapphire access scheme. My treatment is for chronic pain in my lower back from a congenital birth defect. The treatment I use is particularly useful in relieving my pain without the use of opioid painkillers. I’m not a drug addict, I’m a normal 43 year old man with two kids and I work as a uk construction professional. It’s not life saving for me but it improves my quality of life a lot. The worst thing about it is the social stigma surrounding it.

  • i totally agree with the lady, im nearly sixty and have lupus and arthurites cannabis has save my life but every day i have to break the law to keep alive, without it i cannot walk and get infections one after another. now making it legal by a priv doctor is cruel and means the people who can afford can get it and poor people have to go without or use illegal mean. its another divide between rich and poor. also putting it in to the hands of big Pharm is wrong to let them make huge amounts of money out that was given by God/nature to heal our selfs.

  • The evidence is overwhelming.

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