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  • All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.
    James Madison

  • On medical matters the churches say end when you need more then the laying on of hands and what about the separation of church and state?

  • Well it's a step in the right direction but we won't have peace until we make it recreational.

  • "Medical" cannabis doesn't exist. "Recreational" cannabis doesn't exist. It's all cannabis. There is no difference.

  • Stepping stones 2 making America great again😎Hemp is everything

  • I feel the Church made the wrong decision opposing Proposition 2. I say this as an active member.

  • Happy now? You won mormons you changed the law with out people knowing. You knew it would pass and couldn't handle your members being against you.

  • PLEASE HELP California!!!!!!!

  • End of day's, and the great devide will happen amongst church members!!! We have so many LIBERAL'S in the church as it is! I don't see how the two go together at ALL!!!

  • Just another issue that when it comes to the world the Church doesn't care but when it hits the fan in Utah or the US, the Church is all over it.

  • so can we use it or not didnt want to watch this whole video

  • This is a good decision.

  • Why was the video, on Mormon Newsroom that was posted today, about Philadelphia pulled down? I started to watch it, but was pulled away to something else and when I went back to find and see the rest of the video about 3 hours later the video was removed. Was it taken down due to copyright restriction issues because of the photos and film of the historic buildings? Just curious.

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