• I'm a studying historian and have recently wrote a paper on the history of cannabis, mostly focusing on the League of Nations in the 1920's and Harry J. Anslinger's actions with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the 1930's, and honestly, I understand Gupta's anxieties. The paper was no doubt researched with bias; my studies show that it can be harmful with those with pre-existing psychological conditions such as psychosis and schizophrenia, and it can become a strong source of dependency. However, it was illegalised through false narratives centred around race in a time when countries were wanting to present a "cleansed" image of themselves following WWI – and a time when they were economically struggling due to the Great Depression. The paper is currently under review and I hope it does not in any way affect my academic career, as Gupta himself was concerned of.

  • Gupta should be in front of a grand jury for having mislead the public on a potentially life saving treatment.

  • Medical use, no problem….recreational use, no way

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  • I don't care about his stance on marijuana I wanna know why his job at cnn is more important than being an actual doctor

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  • Facts how would a person feels when you smoke a marijuana  or do cannabis can a any age guy still can smack a females face like the females to do a has a guy face ? Good question maybe should be happening this way you know who going to be end up in the hospital frist you think its right for a person way to say it ? Then why you said its ok for a person to smoke weak ? Well got a real answer for that since your life cant be replaced ! Its not a trick qeustion .

  • Weed is propaganda. Especially to young people.

  • Only changed his opinion when he could profit off of it.

  • i wish it was legal in the u.k… ive got an ounce of stardog that i cannot smoke. sativa strain weed makes me jittery. slight muscle twitches and a 'skin crawling' feeling. would be nice if i could drive to the shop and get exactly what i want.

  • But if you ask him about COVID hell parrot the CNN talking points

  • Hey Joe.
    I have an interesting story. One that involves Florida Fish and Wildlife taking my marijuana. Its just one of those stories. Please message me back if interested. I understand if i dont get a reply. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  • Brilliant line of the day:

    Rogan: "That's a real thinking person thing man, for you to do you know that." ❓❓❓

  • Joe wants idiots to vote for the GOP so the GOP can make marijuana illegal again.
    That’s what a fckng idiot Joe is.

  • I’m actually inspired by Joe Rogan. I wish I could conversate like him. I struggle with eye contact and showing my self to others feel like I get judged. Crazy bs like that lol

  • I’m trying to lower bp naturally… but some strains can raise it. How do I know what to use?

  • joe looks 60 luv him aha

  • Hello well I just heard this on the news, for example if your a dreamer they want to make it illegal for us or it can make it hard to get the dreamer crap is not like everyone pays taxis even child support to began with, but what are you’re thoughts on that so if we brake a leg and Opium pills or given that’s totally fine right , it seems my uncle who’s 50 years old who hasn’t got his dick suck is coming up with this stuff Fuck the paisa news creepy big time they saying everything is from the Devil hahahha like really es del Diablo hahaha what’s up with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Man…I would give you an arm and a leg just to talk to you about dosing.

  • I wish Joe would have hammered Zuckerberg in the same way he hammered Gupta (they both deserve to get called out on tons of bullshit they have spewed).

  • i keep listening to this song

    one giant conicousness-desert dwellers & paul stamets (on repeat) 2-3hrs on repeat

    while i was lookin at alot of sports info & tryin understand college & little bit bout nfl season comin up & nba was nice session 4-5hrs
    helped me think quite fast & without mind so clogged up i think 1mnth off has helped in my mind not being as blank & forgettin ideas started coming back & i noted my ideas & how i thought about alot more in 4-5hrs today was nice that type of thinkin came back

    but song

    one giant conciousness-desert dwellers & paul stamets
    touchs my brain baked lol

  • i think if i smoked good honest grown weed 100% im sure id feel alot better

    i know it treats alot of things with past experience in smoking
    mental health felt aloot better
    i just need alittle more weed & better quality & right strains its quite hard findin quality all the time

    which is y i wana have my own planation in future for medicine purposes & mainly myself & some friends in future
    id never sell weed
    ive already seen that life i dont like it which is y id stick to growing weed & using for medicine not just being a stoner
    i like to use for good purposes most times has helped me in the mnth ive been off with sickness
    & my thoughts arent as clouded i think physcosis of being in 9-5 & slightly injured & being quiet for such period of time thinking takes me 1-2mnth to clear up a state of mind i noted it down to keep me sharp & so it takes less & less time to recover such thinkin when i leave house for such time it can reprogram ur mind into different states especially doing repeative activties for 8-12hrs can be hard to find it again but if u noting it down noticing it u should be ok trainning it often & noting things to remember
    weed is nice its helped me stay alive enlightenment is nice

    pot is magical
    y im really look to grow my own in future i believe great pot wil deliever great results id put so much care into my plants if i grew it
    i believe a cure in itself i'l get into the plants & insects & animals in future weed tho is the bomb im hoping australia follows up on making dispenaries stores here to make it easier more professional pot
    if not id probably grow my own in future coz of effects of pot
    am only startin to notice effects of bud & what im takin sativas & indicas & oils & ediables all treat different things mostly i like the head high is the best for me & for such mental health people out there
    sativas no doubt artifilcal buds for sure & gotta have some indicas at night in future atm i cant do that only high rollers can guys like snoop & wiz smoke bout ounce in 1 day
    thats heaps i dont wana make it a habbit of smoking that much tho i know comes with a major low consumed at that rate isnt healthy i believe i would for maybe few mnths then get bored & paraniod that im always relaxed i wana keep sobber & sharp at times of day in future
    i think to relaxed at times can be a problem so i wana keep some sort of awareness
    & using pot to work at times & just realign state of mind at times
    its a beautful drug tho in moderation i believe great medicine

  • I still do not appreciate the use of the word marijuana, instead of the true name of cannabis. Marijuana is a wild type of tobacco found in Mexico, iirc, and was used as part of the racist propaganda in the 1930s in order to demonize it, and make it appear as a different drug that was to be feared by the masses. Part of a huge propaganda machine to protect the ultra rich owners of forests like William Randolph Hearst, (paper), cotton (clothing), big oil (fuel), alcohol companies, and Dupont (plastics) from the use of CANNABIS, and hence, hemp, which is superior in every way to all of the above. Disgusting corruption from top to bottom,,,

  • Gupta is a fraud. They pay him to say what they want him to say.

  • Joe Rogan tells a DR people should get vaccinated. Oh snapped he owned CNN. Rogan fans just make stuff up

  • I believe it helps people and peoplr kill thmselves with it trust me if you are a little little stressed and if you already hypetventilate because it dont smoke i had it last night i didnt even sleep but im cool now i was walking it off some hours at night like it makes my body feel like a brick and my legs where so heavy 2 but i like heavy anyways

  • Joe is a sell out too

  • Weed has helped me a lot in life. I have horrible anxiety among other disorders.

  • Doing good research about its benefits can really change someone's stance about this plant. Cannabis for the win!

  • Back then MARIJUANA u go to jial and now its a pass look what happens it gotten wrose more school shooting even collage and look how bad it is compareing from trafficing when the drug leader finds the way just like a devil warshippers take easy step to get away convinceing others to do while they are alive traficing drugs and getting the money.

  • Greatest Joe Rogan Experience, Joe The Real Goat 🐐 👁

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