CLEAR & GLOWING SKIN » healthy skincare tips

CLEAR & GLOWING SKIN » healthy skincare tips

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📌 IMPORTANT: please note these tips are general tips on how to implement small and simple lifestyle changes to improve skin complexion. I respect and understand that other factors may result in suboptimal skin, such as hormonal issues, lack of sleep, etc. Please note in 8 minutes it’s difficult to address ALL possible skin types and concerns but tried to touch on the tips I feel most people may be able to implement for improvement in their skin health. Thank you for respecting that like with most things in life, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, when it comes to coconut oil, it’s important to note it does not work on all skin types. It is considered “comedogenic” meaning it can promote clogging of pores, especially to those already prone to oily skin. I found it was not something that caused trouble for me personally, but again, every skin type is different. Part of the journey is learning what works and what doesn’t, and honouring our skin no matter its condition. Like many others, I once had skin riddled with pimples, and some of my current “perfect imperfections” are the scars that remain. The tips I share are those that I learned in my journey towards achieving a clearer complexion, and as I’ve mentioned: it takes time. Hope the tips I shared in this video will help others as well 🙂

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes
Author: Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes


  • I really like the way u think❤ positive thinking and beauty is comes inside not outside. Physically and mentally well being is so important.

  • I just use a wash cloth and water to wash my face and then coconut oil for moisture. I don't get breakouts but I know everyone's skin is different. I have sensitive skin and coconut oil was the only thing that didn't irritate my skin.

  • Natural beauty is the true beauty!

  • Why pick up limes?

  • My compliments, you have really nice skin!

  • The best thing I ever did for my skin was quitting dairy products. Struggling with terrible acne until the age of 23 I decided (for other reasons) to go vegan, and my face cleared up completely and has stayed that way for the last 4 years, without using any other products, or makeup! Natural faces are the most beautiful faces 🙂

  • you are a true role model, thank you for you 🙂

  • Subscribed after watching only 1 video of urs.. u r a good. Big thumbs up.

  • You're so BEAUTIFUL dii

  • ياليت وفيه ترجمة😔❤️

  • Her words are 100% Genuine 🥰

  • very true , thx for sharing these beautiful advices

  • it's better if you wear everyday sunscreen 😊 sun is the number 1 thing that damages the skin and it's the cause of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

  • skin is a reflection of our overall health 😊

  • The wholesale piano equally impress because shame affectively bat against a unarmed attack. miniature, succinct anteater

  • Your words and you so motivated keep it up girl

  • Coconut oil doesn't fit my skin it caused me acne , so with what can I replace it?

  • I absolutely love this video for many reasons. Great job and thank you!

  • Haha watching this years later with more skin care knowledge and please no coconut oil and physical exfoliants. Natural and physical doesn't mean better for your skin.

  • Love your tips 🤍thank yooooou 😘

  • Accept your skin and love it
    Balanced diet to get all nutrients
    Fiber foods
    Regular physical activity
    Decrease stress
    Keep products simple
    Have patience abd be consistent
    gentle exfoliation
    Let it breathe
    Focus on your inner peace

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