Class Announcement: The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation Fall 2022 Edition

Class Announcement: The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation Fall 2022 Edition

Back by popular demand for Fall 2022, Dr. Bruce Bugbee and others have launched an updated version of their extremely …


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  • Bruce you are amazing thanks for putting those videos out there!

  • Thank you sir

  • Dr. Bugbee, I'd like your opinion on something if you see this(or anyone else who'd like to throw in their 2 cents). What is your stance on the 48-72 hours of darkness before harvest method? Does it really increase trichome sized and terpine levels while reducing chlorophyll creating and more pungent, flavorful and smooth end product?

  • Do you have a syllabus

  • We appreciate you and your work Bruce

  • I wish I could go to this class

  • I'm from Brazil and the course costs are much much higher than I can afford, Is there any kind of scholarship for lower income international students?

  • Fuck Yeahh I missed out last year, looking forward to joining this year!!!

  • Im give LED course for 300$ im growing 30 years.

  • When you sign up for the class fo you get to keep the lectures or are they only available while we are in the course?

  • Should our MEDICINE be grown indoors under LEDs & with bottled fertilisers? Is that how our other medicines and food are grown? Just some questions… Personally I'd rather learn how to grow organically & regeneratively outside since most people who are interested in growing already know how indoor cannabis facilities are run.

  • i love you bear my child !!!

  • i wish I could afford this.. 😔

  • awesome

  • For $500 I would enroll can not afford $1500 9h well

  • Keep it up Bruce , im as well ecxited…

  • Fantastic! Glad to see you are building on this

  • Can this class be taken online?

  • Why do I feel like Dr Bruce lives in an apartment and got a sink full of dirty dishes and empty pizza boxes everywhere?

  • baller

  • I'll be giving all this knowledge away for free as God intended it

  • We love you ALSO from Europe. 😀

  • aaw man this is what I want to do but I'm in Australia

  • I am waiting on a settlement check.

  • Love it Bruce, keep it up!
    Is it available to take the online class?

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