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  • I had neuropathy and many other diseases, You need to eat it ppl… U lose 60-80% of cannabinoid's if smoke… Eat and recive full benifits, edibals,RSO,ect. A tenture cured my Heart Pains Please research for you or your family's health….

  • pot smokers fucking lie about the effects on the lungs!

  • Capsules, tinctures, and topicals work great – you don't have to smoke!

  • Hope you are ok thru this hurricane.

  • Hi Mary Lynn & Al

  • Poor old man, he was legit & I know the pain he speaks of. I moved and had to leave my doctor who's very kind & compassionate and now I'm here and cannot get any pain help & I too would go medical but I think the bodies endo cannabinoid system works best w/ low doses of opiates, thus allowing one to take Lil to if any pills while on quality medical cannabis. God bless any ideas, let me know. Good Luck.

  • So sad he is suffering so much!

  • Unfortunately our politicians would prefer all of us in pain and with other conditions were dead, until it's them that need help.

  • My sister applied this neuropathy treatment solution “gowo shocking plan” (G00GLE it) and managed to minimize her pain by approximately 70%. So I just wanted to tell her story to others suffering from diabetic neuropathy. You will surely love this treatment solution. Look for it now to learn more.

  • A I suffered neuropathy in my feet and my hands for so very long. I lastly found the answer to my trouble. Considering my experience with ineffective treatments, I am uncertain regarding the treatment method initially. Luckily, this neuropathy treatment “gowo shocking plan” (G00GLE it)isn`t like them. It truly impressed me.

  • Its difficult to get Marijuana if your state doesn't ok it. Yes it helps because I live in a state that ok's medical marijuana. The pain doesn't go away completely but a lot of it is gone and you can sleep. Otherwise Neuronton helps a little but blocks you all up and you are walking around like you are drunk. It should be legal in the US but big pharma just are too powerful and the politicians are on the take. Just reschedule it so it can be tested legally.

  • Both my wife and myself agree with this man. We have intense nerve pain that even morphine won't help. We are not going to commit suicide but there are some days we wish we didn't wake up . My wife hates weed but we are going to try it because the pain is so intense

  • I feel for him. I know first hand the feeling of Neuropathy. Its unexplainable.

  • Is that Mr Rogers?

  • Wow please take care people

  • I see a good reason for: "If mmj doesn't fit, I gotta acquit…". Juries should acquit people like this if they get in trouble.

  • I have it and it's like he says.

  • I'm a Vietnam veteran who is suffering severe chronic pain for over 40 years and I suffer terribly 24/7 the quality of my day is get up have my wife helps bath and shave me I take my 10 pills every 8 hours the strongest is morphine Motrin and Tylenol but it just doesn't do it to give me any quality of life and pain relief my hope is that Miami veterans can get treated with medical marijuana I'm just so tired of living with this pain I'd like to just end my life, I pray that I can get treatment soon?

  • I wonder if this gentleman is still alive and debilitated… ? I will write/post with my grandmothers results using raw cannibus.

  • And why people who want to buy cannabis MUST intercourse with a mafia, thereby putting themselves at risk and are wary of police persecution? Is it not better if they ACQUIRE Cannabis special place by the State. Where are DIRTY MONEY? Why ordinary people can not engaged in this business, plant seeds, watered, grow, harvest, delivered to the state and thereby earn a living CLEAN MONEY.

  • Who is a Fred Jones?

  • Please beware, they are rip-off merchants

  • Your statement is not correct.
    Smoking it releases THC,CBD etc.
    Vaporizing also releases these.
    Eating it converts the THC into THCA, this change alters the effect on the body.
    Inhaling, and eating weed have different effects.

  • Source please.

  • or tinctures, and oils

  • Hi all,
    I am a 32 year old woman, Have a chronic migraine( Status migrainosus) and a have cluster headache also in a chronic way, And MS.

    I have verpamil, oxygen, morphine, Imigran but the only way to escape the pain some bit, and exactly could relax.. is smoking medical cannabis.

    Not for the migraine and Cluster unfortunately, But for the MS pain it work's for me. Better then morphine. I have the vapir one inhalation and i would recommend it!

    Legalize please! Bless you all.

  • @WandaBukowski
    They are called Cana-Caps..
    Try the Volcano vaporizer on setting 7.5 it works 2…

  • thats great! congrats its awesome to know there is a medicine that has outstanding positive affects.

  • @slade420 A Volcano vapouriser changed my health and my life for the better. I have MS and campaign in the UK.

  • smoking it destroys most of the medical benefits. vapourizing or eating it is key eating especially

  • he needs a bunch of rick simpson weed oil

  • I also live in chronic pain and take cana-caps,
    Dr Hornby one of the leading researchers on cannabis has found a way to give me a capsule of converted cannabis , THC/CBD in a pill. It works amazing for my pain and I also know how much I am taken per dose.
    Each capsule contains measurable amounts of cannabinods that have been activated to better treat conditions like chronic pain.
    Our Government knows the efficacy of the cannabis plant and that is why it is it is illegal.
    It is medicinal.

  • God bless these Gentlemen. I have been in chronic and sometimes acute pain for 30 years. Marijuana dulls the pain and makes the associated depression more tolerable. No government, no man, has the right to withhold a drug that is good for my health or yours. I think we need every chronic pain sufferer, cancer patients, MS patients, arthritis pateints, etc., to march on our legislators and tell them we will not obey corrupt laws that leave us in such an unhealthy state. The law is criminal.

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