• I having trouble with knowing how much 6 grams of cannabis is, I have it ground up, can you tell me in a measuring cup , how much ground up cannabis would I have to have 6 grams..Would it be 1 cup full or more or less.

  • Johnny you will be missed buddy!

  • Thanks for this. I was wanting to make some edibles but didn't want to take the time to decarb the weed. This method looks easy enough. I assume decarbing takes place in the oven as the muffins cook. I have some chocolate chip muffin mix and some shake. I am going to give this a try. Thanks again.

  • "have a good one and I'm high as fug!"

  • I'm buying a tray of medical blueberry muffins tomorrow! So excited!

  • they will be high as shit

  • 10/10 would eat.

  • Some questions:

    Will my kitchen smell at all like weed after making the cannaoil?

    How potent is one muffin? Like should I eat a whole muffin or just half or something? Chances are I won't have 6 grams lol.

  • i made muffins like this and HOLY SHIT yes you will

  • i can only imagine what happens after they shot this video since they ate the edibles.

  • thats looks good but i'm i going to be high if i eat it?

  • i like muffins

  • Like the video to get it to 420 likes:D

  • howmuch flourdo u use?

  • iv read you should have water in the pan too. is that not right?

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