Charlotte's Web: Medical Marijuana for Kids

Charlotte's Web: Medical Marijuana for Kids

A powerful, liquid form of marijuana is treating a life threatening form of epilepsy that nearly 40 children are battling.


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  • Create more damage?? This lady appears to never been through a seizure with a relative…

  • Insult to the book and to the people it gets pressed on. Gross.

  • Medical Cannabis indeed!

  • it's not marijuana it's cannabis

  • what a stupid close minded witch.. its not like parents are giving it to their kids willy nilly .. ijiot . hope it passed . And god pray woman no grandchild or relative of yours needs it and you refuse it bec ure all igh and mighty . I have a feeling youll move heaven and earth and try it to save that childs quiality of life

  • Pot is not a gateway drug

  • You are a drug dealer. A dirty one.
    Hemp is not Marijuana .
    Effects Of Smoking Marijuana On The Human Brain: Drug Reduces Blood Flow To Hippocampus, Increasing Alzheimer's Disease Risk

    Numerous studies tout marijuana for its brain protective benefits, from helping brain cells grow to shielding the brain from chronic stress. However, a new study in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease suggests long-term marijuana use may reduce blood flow to the brain, specifically the hippocampus, and increase the susceptibility for Alzheimer's disease.

    "As a physician who routinely sees marijuana users, what struck me was not only the global reduction in blood flow in the marijuana users' brains, but that the hippocampus was the most affected region due to its role in memory and Alzheimer's disease,” said Dr. Elisabeth Jorandby, co-author of the study, in a statement.

    Compared to healthy participants, pot smokers displayed low blood flow in the hippocampus, which is involved in storing long-term memory, including all past experiences. It becomes especially vulnerable to damage at the early stages of Alzheimer’s since the disease leads to dysfunctional neurogenesis (growth of brain cells), which can cause memory impairment.

    Read More: MRI Scans Show Smoking Weed Lowers Hippocampus Activity, Creating False Memories

    Jorandby and her colleagues sought to determine if single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), a sophisticated imaging study that evaluates blood flow and brain activity patterns, could distinguish marijuana user brains from healthy, control brains. The researchers obtained data from approximately 1,000 current or former marijuana users and about 100 healthy participants using SPECT at rest and during a mental concentration task. Not only did low blood flow in the hippocampus distinguish smokers from controls, but the right hippocampus was found to be the most affected.

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