Cannabis to Save my Life: A Woman's Fight for Medical Marijuana | ENDEVR Documentary

Cannabis to Save my Life: A Woman's Fight for Medical Marijuana | ENDEVR Documentary

Cannabis to Save my Life: A Woman’s Fight for Medical Marijuana | ENDEVR Documentary from 2015 Marijuana as a …




  • Thats a real nice story

  • Wonder on she is doing today. No new updates. There are some new strains that have been very good on cancer. Suppositories are also being used so there is no high when taking the larger amounts of the CO. Also noted at the end of the video that it had Sativa strain on the bottle which the RSO are made from Indica strains. Also they are using multiple strains (5 to 6) of high THC plus CBD in 4:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

  • Forreal a real smart lady.. this was a taste full video I hope to open a dispensary one day always growing and learning. To make this easier for people lisk here

  • We need more people like you in this world!

  • Back soon love..

  • Bless you all just poping over to another phone need to charge up
    …. NIK. . You should be able. to find me as from.. This seck back in a seck

  • Why should we pay 4 meds

  • Doctors don’t want you to know!

  • In Oregon 2020 you can walk into a dispensary and get RSO oil. You do not need a grower for medical RSO any more. You just need a card from a doctor and you can get your medicine. But you must live here.

  • Stunning woman 😇

  • Have you tried the Budwig protocol with RSO?

  • This is an amazing documentary! Thank you for making it.

  • So thankful I live in Canada 🇨🇦 where it’s actually federally legal now .

  • She has such a hard time finding marijuana. . .

  • What an awesome & brave women!

  • helps ! make it legal, can't ban nature ! only men made stuff, like coke and other hard drug, pills from doctor, and alcohol. ban do's things ! were people are dying from, not the stuff that people help to get there lives back ! just stop it !

  • appreciate the share!!! too close to home and an older mind set to 'try' … this helps!!! thank you!

  • What an awesome woman with such a positive practical outlook. Rest well

  • The uninformed Nixon doctor at around 35 minutes said "I understand that but I don't know" …

  • 🙏🙏🙏

  • Is it just me or did it seem like her oncologist just really wanted her to get the radiation. Didn't seem happy she brought up Cannabis lol. Wonder why.

  • If your reading this, come to JA for some marijuana @keepstraining

  • Did she die?

  • RIP dear lady.. 🙏💖🙏

  • That former drug Zar guy she interviewed did not like it when she showed him that US patent he was pretty bad at playing dumb and that was a severely edited segment…. WHAT A GREAT FILM🌱

  • ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  • It's so crazy people used to use THC and marijuana in everything

  • Reading between the lines I would have doubled the dose.

  • that's one stoned Grandma 🤣

  • Fight for your life and your rights. Everyone.

  • Guess what the "Tree of life" was in the Bible. 🤓🤣

  • This women is a gem. I really hope she's not succumb to this disease, she's got such a zest for life even considering her circumstances &she's pure wit… I love her!!!

  • It's criminal that this isn't investigated, and we know why it isn't.. and that's really a crime.

  • This video is informative. I have been trying to find for YouTube vid similar to yours that educates the ideas in this YouTube video. 👏 👩‍⚕️Your content totally is like the vids from Doctor Ethan. Doctor Ethan's tips are useful and he really helped me on my exams. He is a helpful med student.

    You should watch his YT out and give Dr Ethan a like here! ➡️ #DrEthanEducational

  • Marijuana and cbd helped me get off a 26 year long drug addiction to opiates. I grow my own and love it.

  • Phenomenal video. Thank you!

    Try few drops of Rick’s mixed with 5,000 mg CBD for a wider range of cannabinoids. I use it in my supplemental CPAP filter (NOT the one that comes with the machine. Go online to find it.)

    My short-term dementia has improved dramatically. Just kidding.

  • You impose your ideas your ideals your will on all

  • You talk against cannabis but your all for alchohol and CIGARETTES. Alcohol is addictive and so are cigarettes you can get alchohol poisoning? How many people have died from alcohol poisoning that your not talking about? How many women and children have died from an alcoholic abusing them and going into a rage? Huh? Nobody ask the right questions. Why not pull it all off the SHELVES???

  • Someone needs to make the old drug czar get honest and admit that cannabis is not a drug. Drugs are made. As long as the governments can control which seeds we put in the dirt, we’re doomed. There have been many thousands of human clinical trials, done by sick people who either can’t afford or can’t be helped by pharmaceutical chemicals. But of course that doesn’t count because we didn’t get soaked for millions of dollars for some government sanctioned agency to do “human clinical trials.” They make it sound absolutely necessary for government and big pharma to control every aspect of medical cannabis. It’s only absolutely necessary for their profit margins.

  • Perhaps it can help to combat viruses? Who knows. 🤔

  • ❤❤❤

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