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  • cannabis sector is trash move on to more solid stocks plenty of opportunity in 2023

  • I am sad to hear the lead of MRMD passed away… Seems this loss is hitting the company in a down pressure way… One thing MRMD has been doing for 5-7 years it seems is diluting shares… & even as Motley Fool suggested this stock for 3-7 years… The stock & investment has been a LOOSER. At some point, if they want to keep or grow investors coming in… MRMD current leadership needs to show more growth in the company & in the STOCK PRICE. Do you agree ? I want MRMD to succeed but it seems in same group at SKLZ, LCID, PSNY….. They ALL have been LOOSERS… Too risky or is it finally time to load the truck with some of these stocks ? Would like to hear your thoughts ?

  • Whats your thoughts on cannabis etfs?

  • High tide!!!

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Truelieve and Green Thumb going sideways. Time to load up for the next run!!!

  • C21 up 1.5 cents!!!!!!!
    Massive move compared to most Cannabis stocks.
    Break even in 125 years! Yee Haaaaa!

  • I’m wondering if you seen anything on these companies that are going after naked short-sellers that have completely destroyed the value of their stock? Seems like cannabis companies would be a good candidate for that kind of a offensive movement against those who are trying to destroy the value of these companies.

  • In my Opinion HEXO is poised for a big upside move , only a matter of time , just my 2 c

  • My life has totally changed since I started investing 200k and now earning 380k in just 10 days

  • One day in the future, likely several years away, the cannabis stocks that haven’t gone bankrupt will increase significantly in value.

    On that day I predict this f’in guy will claim victory and talk about all those “lottery tickets” he’s cashing in. Nevermind the massive losses stacked in the rear view mirror. Or the pain his viewers suffered when they followed his wild speculations, untethered by serious analysis.

    His numbers are skewed, he talks about ebitda as if taxes weren’t a devastating blow to many of these companies (ebitda = earnings BEFORE interest TAXES depreciation/amortization), rarely considers downside risks except to blow them off, etc.

  • What are your top 3 stocks based on federal legalization of medical? Thx!

  • Useless, repetitive, uninformative, unsubstantiated guessing and mostly wishful thinking.

  • Paul Rudd lookin ass. Love the updates man keep it up.

  • What do you think of Trulieve? It's under $7. It's crazy.

  • Why isnt TCNNF trading on nasdaq? And will they in the future?

  • the edits are 🔥

  • Xebra Brands mexico first mover??

  • Thank You for this information. Buy, Buy, Buy, Now every WEEK. Doller Cost Adverage!!!!

  • Looking forward to seeing JUSHF on the NYSE.

  • Red White & Bloom – I see what you did there.

  • What‘s your opinion of CGC?

  • thanks DH !

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