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  • I make my own cannabinoid blend that helps my pain, adhd, insomnia, and anxiety. Contains Hhc, d8, d9 thco, d8. Thco, cbd, cbg, and hhco. Honestly it works better than the heavy medication it takes me to sleep or be painless. It cost on average about $1 a day to medicate. I pretty much just eye ball it

  • Ugh I hate marijuana. It's a scheduled one controlled substance and induces reefer madness. It's bad for the mind and soul.

  • As a medicine in need Yes, as a part of ones life No.

  • D8 Thc is THE BEST thing to ever happen for Veterans with PTSD!

  • Great video lady, I could have been tempted to say you may have been over-thinking the problem as I have been able to reach a similar goal of pain relief and relaxation on my own with edibles and I have no formal chemical/drug education. However as the talk unfolded I could see that you were the type of person equipped to really get to the bottom of all the technical issues and understand all the functions of them. I sure respect that. So for me , I grow my own, produce canna-butter and make biscuits , I think my potency now is pretty predictable so I can tailor my dose rate to produce predictable and consistent results. I live in a country where all this is still illegal and in much of my social circle there would be a stigma as well; so be it, I don’t care at all.

  • Not only a drug that works also you can have as much as you can handle without lasting bad side effects 🙉🙈🙊 thanks for sharing

  • I smoked every day for 4 years.
    It comes with its own side effects don't be fooled.
    It helped for a while before it starred to make stuff worse.

  • This lady is annoying

  • Nice! There needs to be more studies on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. But there are big financial and legal disincentives to do so. I blame big tobacco and their lobbyists for attacking the cannabis and vape industry for offering viable alternatives to cigarettes.

  • I just vaped 2 bowls of raw CBD flower and I feel great watching this back. I watched this video during the day and I was feeling like rubbish. I literally had a cry because I felt overwhelmed.

    Now I’m watching it again at night before bed, I feel like I just won a billion dollars after dry herb vaping 2 small bowls (0.2-0.4g) of CBD flower (Strain: Lifter – it literally does lift you). This stuff is amazing, honestly.

  • Yes great plant and medicine, still has secondary effects and can be duper addictive on some

  • I also have chronic pain, I was really upset when the SC bill got shot down for medical cannabis. Can't wait to move back to GA or FL. 🙁 South Carolina sucks!

  • Nah you smoke till you pass out if u get that fresh reup 💀💀💀

  • 💛🧬💫🧡✨

  • ginger hasover 360 components ☝🏾💥💥💥💥💥

  • exactly, when you buy it off the street, you don't know what's in there, and how much

  • Yes the amount I needed for my condition was unaffordable

  • This information will change and save lives. Thank you 🙏 😊

  • Cool talk but don't frget there are other risks with the use of cannabis, like memory loss, the triggering of some underlying genetic condition or even (in some extreme cases) a substance abuse disorder, specially when you are takin a drug to medicate against a negative psychoaffective state. And avoid mixing it with other drugs too.

  • Good choice!

  • CBD has great benefits, but works better with thc.
    I would argue that it does have value on its own merits.
    Thc does not always mean pain relief.
    Certain strains are much better than others for pain relief.

  • Cannabis is one of two things; it's either 1 species with tons of different strains or cannabis is a genus with 3 distinct species that each have tons of strain variations.

    Those 3 species of cannabis are cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis Ruderalis.

    Cannabis Sativa is a species of cannabis originating out of Asia but they grow naturally in many countries that are close to the equator. Sativa generally look very tall with large long narrow leaves. They produce a soaring energetic active high (the I want to go outside and do stuff kind of high.

    The 2nd species of cannabis is Indica which came out of Pakistan and India. Indicas look shorter with more wide leaves than Sativas. 

    And because Indicas are short, they are most often grown by legal indoor growers. And its the most common cannabis group in parts of the world where people can't easily grow outdoors. Indicas have a high that's heavy (couch-high, relax).

    Almost all cannabis is not a genetically pure Sativa or genetically pure Indica. The overwhelming majority of cannabis is some kind of hybrid between Sativa and Indica with one being more dominant than the other one, (dominant Sativa or dominant Indica). 

    The 3rd overlooked species of cannabis is Ruderalis. Several variations of Ruderalis grow in Central North America right out in the open. They look very different from the stereotypical cannabis plant. Cannabis Ruderalis is very short, weedy, and have a very low THC content.

    Ruderalis cannabis seeds are autoflower seeds or autoflowering seeds. Autoflower cannabis seeds go into flowering when they reach their flowering phase regardless of the light cycle indoor or outdoors.

    Feminized autoflower seeds are popular among legal cannabis growers. Autoflowering cannabis seeds go into flowering regardless of the lighting cycle.

    So due to the fact that Ruderalis plants do not rely on different light cycles, they therefore have been used as a genetic tool to create autoflowering cannabis that flowers without changing the light timing.

    It's worth noting that other groups of cannabis have been separated from the pack over the years by various experts as potentially distinct species. For example cannabis Afghanica or cannabis Kafiristanika. Those variations are interesting but the majority view and my view is that they are merely variations under one of the 3 species as opposed to distinct species themselves.

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