Cannabis Grow Guide Ep. 2 Medical Cannabis Seedlings Sprouts. Mixing Canna Nutrients for Seedlings.

Cannabis Grow Guide Ep. 2 Medical Cannabis Seedlings Sprouts. Mixing Canna Nutrients for Seedlings.

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  • At what time do you plant seedlings

  • How long can you leave your nutrient mixed in water?

  • How many litres for your gallon?

  • Hey man. Great content. Any reason for low humidity? Or is the dome still on at this point. Also seems low ph…

  • Wow. U made the best watering guide in the world. I’ve been watering mygerminated seedlings after transplant into solocup on day 4 or less. I’ve killed 20/20 seedlings. I’m going to take 3 days off now and see if I have more success. The dry pot of soil is fucking genius. Noone has thought of that and are shaking their pots around

  • You made a gallon of water + nutrients. Do you save the rest for the following weeks watering?

  • Awesome instructional video, not many like this on YT! It looks like you have answered my question “am imover watering” amd i would say i am! Time to let it go for a couple days and see if my girls stop lagging. Thanks!

  • Awesome

  • Excellent video. Thank you

  • Great job dudd helps me a lot big up

  • 👍🏼

  • Hey man, awesome videos! Was wondering how you prep your coco?

  • Wass the soil still most and wet after two days with the bag on it I’m on my second day today with seed beeing planted I got it in the same cup I did water it alil then put the bag over it it been two days should I wait it out longer or remove the sand which bags from cup

  • Morning brothers and sisters I have a Q
    Can anyone tell me the best guide available for autoflowering strains please something to follow for well guidance 😂 thanks all, have a great day

  • Thank you brother

  • All good info found brother

  • Hey brother hope all is very cool just a quick Q, can Someone who’s growing during the veg cycle can That someone change from say rhizotonic to cannazyme or is it safer o stay with what They’re doing or, or can They add cannazyme while using rhizotonic

  • Hey brother do you mix in cold or tepid/Luke water

  • Morning morning alllllll well stability any vids on it I’m getting 23.8C with 48 I think humidity any advice they are stretching high too should I drop my LED it’s at about 24” above seedlings

  • Hey brother when I mix my nutrients can I keep the left over for future watering or fresh each time

  • Bro could you order the videos so that auto play will play them on order. Onn auto play ores playing your videos backwards. Good videos though

  • What jay said👇…honestly i felt like i learned something and i feel confident about my grow, thanks CGG👍

  • In the first 48 hours of planted germinated seed to seedling emerging did you leave the lights on 24 hours? Thanks and blessings, lf

  • If U dig to see your roots after two weeks u can find out your gender if pink it’s a girl if white then it’s a boy

  • hey blg whats the ratio for water ive got you're feed chart did i miss something??

  • Which temp on your screen is the one in the grow environment?

  • How much water is on the jug cheers man and great vid

  • You cannot over water coco! If you feed them more and lower your light, you would get significant growth. Coco if forgiving and people grow in ebb and flow and this is flooding the media. Then they grow with the proper amount of nutrients. You do not have to spray the seedlings with that pump sprayer. Just feed them with a cup? Canna coco works and you should use rizo to pop seeds?

  • Why no Rhizotonic? Roots love the stuff.

  • Any 1 tried canna start

  • Do u need all these nutrients if u use just soil in a cup? Don't got bread to get the extra shit

  • #1 leanin cuz it's a pimp

  • Will this work for an outdoor grow

  • What size/power light are you currently using and how far from the seedlings? Thanks for what your doing. Also are they going 24hrs currently? And you mentioned you added nutriets. What specifically? Thanks again

  • Whats the ppm count on your first feed please buddy

  • I’m gonna feel like a dummy for asking but does this consider organic?

  • Can you.kill the seedling when trimming a true leaf

  • On your feeding chart ate the amounts per litre or total per gallon?

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