• Thanks Paul and HIGH FARMER TOM 😉 its Jeannie FourTwenty yes, #CannaNurseInternNastassia #TNGF LOVE THIS SHOW and The Guests are ALWAYS #HEMPIC Apart from #WeedWeesdays and #NugLifeRadio its MY FAVOURITE SHOW!! <3

  • Thanks Paul and Farmer Bill. Great interview.

  • Such a dumb thing. Cannabis users can't use a firearm but some states want to let 12-18 yr. olds to legally carry firearms. Who would be more inclined to use that gun in an argument, the adolescent, or the cannabis smoker? I say the teen who hasn't learned self control yet. But yet that teen can't legally buy cannabis. What a messed up system. Get rid of prohibition and let us grow in our backyards with no restrictions. Along side our vegetables.

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