Cannabis as a Natural Treatment for Autism

Cannabis as a Natural Treatment for Autism

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  • Do you think marijuana should be legalized?

  • Plz tell me where this kid got the retraining suit, I need one for my autistic daughter she self hurt her.,

  • As an autistic person who has considered marijuana myself, I am absolutely going for it.

  • I’m neither pro nor con. I’m glad it helps. HOWEVER cannabis and autism are both not very well understood and just because they SEEM to go well together doesn’t mean they are made out for each other.
    As much as autism can be misunderstood blessing that people don’t know how to adapt to as much cannabis can be mistaken as the holy grail just because it quiets the mind/‘dumbs down’ the brain-of potential, undiscovered genius. You can’t fully understand genius unless you are one yourself. ☮️

  • I am autistic and found cannabis during highschool.

    It has helped me talk with others more and see myself from others perspective. Which was hard.

    I feel it’s helped me build empathy and a want to do things that I generally saw as “bad” or “ending badly”.

  • weed works for my autism. its not a cure all but its a whole plant medicine

  • Absolutely loved this video! It hits close to home, and I'm so happy there is a potential option other that the usual doctor prescribed pills.

  • I bet you a nickel autism in children would decrease dramatically if you stop allowing doctors to inject babies and children with poisons.

  • I have Inattentive ADHD and am a bit autistic and cannabis’s by far been the best help I have had. Finding The right strain is important but it works better than anything else

  • he was taking 18 pills and it wasn’t helping… maybe should’ve tried 19

  • “treatment”

  • I have autism and ADHD. I am really social, but with bad social skills. I also really struggle with other things that are easy for most people such as doing chores, being on time for things, setting priorities, having consistent work performances, etc.

    If I smoke weed I suddenly understand loads of things I otherwise don't. I learn a lot of things about myself. Like yesterday I got high and suddenly came to the realization that I infact based my way of talking off TV show characters. But I never thought about TV show characters talking differently than people in real life. Like for most of my life that's where I see the most people talking so that is how people talk. But TV show characters don't talk like actual people, it's more like writers talking to the audience and giving the information they need to understand what is going on. And this EXACTLY why I just throw out all of my thoughts hoping someone will respond, and why I feel the need to go over every detail about each person in the story. But there is no audience not everything needs to but known, not every person in whatever I tell needs to be understood. And I just never thought of it like this.

    Asside from that I can actually do the dishes and vacuum clean the house if I'm high.

  • It works better then medication I'm living proof bit they led me on so many years now I'm addicted the benzodiazepines though but cannabis helps more then all mood stabilizers ,snri,saris and and antipsychotics but it was illegal in Florida 4 years ago that's when I was on adderall went crazy and almost got sent away for my violence from adhd medication was even worst ! Autism speaks ##im 28 yo still fighting this off its gonna be alright (:

  • Ignore my other comment this whole entire video is horrible absolutely ableist.

  • 4:064:15 he wants to try to make us autistics “normal” that’s wrong and certainly shouldn’t be what neurotypical’s should be doing or Allistic’s this video isn’t right I believe with accommodations like noise, canceling-headphones and if not noise canceling headphones maybe some construction headphones could help.

  • I wish I could have an edible before I go to work every day

  • Took a first hit and was happy for the first time in his life

    Was me after first alcohol binge

  • Someone with three offspring with autism need to be studied to determine if it is genetic or environmental and to what degree those two factors intermingle.

  • Did all three of your sons get all their vaccines with some sessions consisting of 4 or more doses at once? Could the injection hit a blood vessel? Where they stored properly? Was the plant that manufactured them inspected for quite control?

  • Big Pharam that own most Governments around the world don't want Cannabis being used by the local population because it will affect their shareholders. As a civilisation we've been using it longer than their has been money and the fact they we can grow it scares the living crap out of them.

  • Hey, if the medicine works, than it works. Forget at one point it was considered a bad thing to do. It still is in some people's eyes. People need to woke up

  • Btw the spectrum is not linear, it’s more like a colour wheel of traits. Don’t say high/low functioning or mild/severe. Instead say high or low support needs. Support needs can be fluid too depending on the day or environment.

  • I'm not against cannabis but why are you using the star of appollo as your logo a 6 sided star also used in pharma?

  • Cannabis gives me autism

  • With the gradual using of dr Oyalo herbal recommendation for autism, whom I met on YouTube, my son is totally free from Autism with his speech cleared and behavior ok as he now respond to orders and act right. Thank you doc Oyalo for your help. I am Greatful 🙏🙏 thank God

  • After using Dr Oyalo herbal remedy whom I met his recommendation about healing autism on YouTube channel, I can testify that my son is now completely ok in speaking, behavior and social skills. He read, played with friends and followed instructions by himself. After everything I've been through, I'm happy for him and my family.

  • What kind of 18 different pills was he taking, thats alot of medication so thats cool weed cuts out all that you know, god bless be well.

  • i have an autistic brother. my mom grow older day by day in order to help him get better. and it did. seeing another mothers happiness. made me tear up.

  • THC rules, CBD drools

  • This self-righteous view of drugs don't seem to cater for all the nonsense chemical mixtures we put in our bodies generally… God made every green herb and said it's good. I trust Him. Man to man is so unjust and money and power rob us of so much…I trust God, only He is good and He takes care of me.

  • It will save your life

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