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  • Why do they say driving under influence simple answer have a warning as they do on pharmaceutical when taking medication do not drive. Easy yeh don't be making stupid excuses 😴 🙄

  • Everyone should research a possible connection between Parkinsons and parasites. Parasites, left untreated over decades, will grow in number which I believe is why Parkinsons symptoms occur later in life. The parasites can infect various parts of the body, possibly even the brain where they can disrupt neurotransmitters. This is not medical advice, I have no medical training, I'm just a curious person who's realized that mainstream medicine may not be motivated to cure, only offer temporary symptom relief, so they have a customer for life.

  • Glad I finally got treated from my life threatening Parkinson disease within 2 months by using the natural herbal medication from Dr Unugboje who I met his Chanel here on YouTube. Two decades of Parkinson was really a terrible experience and I wouldn't want anyone to go through that horrible experience. My best advice for everyone suffering from this disease is to contact Dr Unugboje Chanel on YouTube and follow the description in his Bio to talk to him. I'm talking from personal experience.

  • I have young onset PD . Weed makes life easier in many ways.

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  • I will never understand why medicinal people still call cannabis drugs. It's a plant that is designed FOR us. That cannot be drugs. We have receptors for the plant to do it's work.

  • Or glaxco nestle

  • Like welcome or astra zeneca

  • The medical ppl just want to fill your head with unusual meds because it's a win win situation with the contractor who supply's shit medicine

  • I use hemp oil everyday it calmed my tremors it helped with pain management and calmed me down its cheaper to buy than cannabis

  • Look cannabis isnt addictive I gave up a month ago no withdrawal no symptoms

  • You need jungle boys in California CBD thc is good for your brain

  • When anyone else smokes does it cause Parkinson like movements instead of getting rid of it?? I don’t have Parkinson’s but when I smoke and then while I’m high whenever I stand up I have uncontrollable movements VERY similar to Parkinson’s. Does anyone know what the he’ll is going on with me??

  • I have read many articles that agree with cannabis helping patients with Parkinson's Disease.

  • Many don’t believe that Parkinson Disease, PTSD or DID can be reverse treated and cured, all they believe is that there is no cure but I am glad letting you all know that it is all wrong because my friends Mom that has being sick with Parkinson Disease for years just got her Parkinson Disease and her husband's PTSD reversed and cured with a herbal supplements from DR MADIDA on YouTube..

  • Inverse agonist.. isnt that just another way of saying antagonist?

  • I have late stage Parkinsons resulting from 50 years of Cirrohsis . The only reason I am able to communicate and walk is a result of taking canna concentrates to treat cancer. It not only cured advanced cancer but replaced opiates for stiffness and pain that was restricting movement. When I delay in taking my medicine I regress rapldy. I just feel a sense of anger when I think of all the people suffering because of the prohibition of this natural medicine for strictly financial reasons.

  • I was diagnosed with PD two years ago. I’m 66yo male and started having sleep difficulties due to muscle cramps in my legs and feet. I increased my magnesium intake which seemed to help some. Then I saw this video and purchased some CBD gummies from a local shop here in Washington state. The marijuana industry here is highly regulated throughout the growing stage and the standards are tantamount to pharmaceutical grade. The first night I took it I slept all night with no cramps. I hadn’t realized how much sleep loss I was having with the cramps. I have been experimenting with taking it every other night which seems to be working. When I took it two nights in a row I felt slightly hung over the next morning. Just a very light head ache as if I had been drinking the night before (which I had not). So far no cramps and my tremors have decreased too.

  • Kuzhanthai ,

  • The piece about illicit recreational 'abuse' draws the parallel to the notion that bitcoin is used by criminals, where the dollar has been used by criminals for decades.
    Cannabis was originally, illegally outlawed by the member of congress criminal Harry Anslinger (1939) for his media friend William Hearst who had big money wrapped up in timber for paper. This was the reason cannabis was outlawed being a major threat to his investments. If you want to find out a truth, follow the money, it was nothing to do with mental health of the youth, pushed by Anslinger.

  • I have a friend who has Parkinson's. Medical marijuana is not available in Kansas. How can I help my friend with what is available on the street? What I mean is smoking marijuana effective? Is ingesting marijuana more effective? Should we go to Colorado where marijuana is legal and get edibles? My guess is going to Colorado to get edibles might be the best way to get something repeatable.

  • Hello, I think you need to take your time and do a quick tour of the Weedborn site.

  • 2:52  some PD folks fail to respond to L-dopa and it has adverse effects.  
    3:53  2014 study found deficiency of GPR6 lead to increase of dopamine thus reduced dyskinesias caused by L-dopa treatment. 
    4:30  2017 study found CBD acts as an inverse agonist to GPR6 by binding to it which then increases dopamine in the brain thus reduces dyskinesias and motor symptoms of PD without negative side effects of L-dopa.
    5:30  some PD CBD patients noted reduction in motor, non-motor, cognitive and mood symptoms.
    5:50  physicians surveyed for evidence-based support rated CBD: 87% for nausea, 86% for pain, 60% for anxiety.

  • I recommend Dr Madida on YouTube to my friends,  my friend Tinnitus was treated and cured of his Tinnitus including his Sister's parkinson disease was retified by Dr Madida herbs..

  • I know i haven’t mentioned how Dr Madida herbal remedies help me correct my Parkinson Disease challenges. I am glad I saw this great doctor contact information on YouTube..

  • Both of my parents have Parkinson's.For the record I'd just like to say….Fuck Parkinson's, fuck it right in the ass with a broken bottle.That being said, my Mom smokes weed and reports that it helps with her slow movements but the result is inconsistent.

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