• But pills are fine right? Boycott any company who feels they have a right to tell someone they can’t use their medicine.

  • The hypocrisy is just unreal. You can be a truck driver and drink alcohol on your days off, but can't smoke weed? Alcohol is the absolute worst drug known to the human race and kills the most globally, but harmless marijuana is not allowed even though the high only lasts 30-60 minutes, but alcohol can knock you out for 12-hours! The United States is such a stupid country thanks to conservative bible thumping hypocrites!

  • Marijuana harms no one! Legalize everywhere!

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  • But being "drug free" at a work environment cannot be determined by current drug testing policies. As in, most drug screens simply conclude that a person has consumed a controlled substance in a certain time frame. Unlike alcohol which can be an on the spot type of conclusion.

  • for a minute i thought that said pot police hahaha

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  • We now have a marijuana breathalyzer.. Let Truck Drivers consume cannabis as well!!

  • They should allow workers to use medical MARIJUANA

  • I wouldn’t give a shit if they did fire me fuck it I’ll take my weed and job skills elsewhere

  • What about the bill "RIGHTS TO TRY LAW" that went into effect?

  • Keep them coming!

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  • We need YOUR support.
    Please sign my petition to completely legalize Cannabis and prevent bans on CBD (industrial hemp flower) nationwide!!
    Thank you!

  • Protect your rights you should not have to choose between your job and your medicine if this becomes a issue you can take the owner of the business to court
    where you are allowed equal justice under the laws these that tell you to follow a burned out law that has changed is not the right policy. Unless there is a reason they can request you not use the product when you are working under there time and money. Fair enough but if you have a medical reason and do not drive heavy equipment or a school bus or something of that nature they do not have the right to dictate what you can and can not use you have a choice and it is for a medical use the owner should have no issues unless it causes a problam just because they do not like it is not enough of a reason for a court to award you the unconstitutional right to say this user can not use this product as this product stays within there system for 30 days at witch time if they are unjustly fired or removed for the use of cannabis in legal standing they can not tell a person at home what they can and can not use. it is because of these issues that the employer should mind there own business if it is not being used on the job or has not caused problems in the workplace if all else fails hire a lawyer and take them to court you can not violate ones freedom and rights you can say you do not want it to be done at your job site but to say if they pee dirty they will be fired can get you a long court case before a judge that may not see your unconstitutional marits #Cannabis #Jobs #Employees #Jobs #Knowyourrights #Norml #MPP #MPA #Marijuwana

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