Can medical cannabis help kids with autism?

Can medical cannabis help kids with autism?

April is World Autism Month, an opportunity to increase global understanding and acceptance of people with autism. According to …


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  • After using Dr Oyalo herbal remedy whom I met his recommendation about healing autism on YouTube channel, I can testify that my son is now completely ok in speaking, behavior and social skills. He read, played with friends and followed instructions by himself.

  • Thank you Dr OBEHi herbal home my two children been suffering from Autism for years but when I met you on YouTube you cured them with your natural herbs..

  • I suffered from Autisim for a long time until I finally met Dr OBEHi Herbal Home on YouTube he send me herbs after I used this Herbs for a few weeks I can testify I am completely free.🙏

  • my child suffered autism for some years and this made her very aggressive it was like this until I met dr OBEHi herbal home on YouTube after applying his her my daughter is free from autism…….

  • What happened to the cannatol RX oil and nasal spray? They fell off the face of the earth and they had a great product

  • Thank you for shining some light on theses benefits. Hopefully the data from all these cannabis studies will get exposure as well.

  • Not the government weed, it's sprayed with something, any bag produced with a government label hurts my chest, why.. I don't smoke cigarettes and any of the hydro I get the old way I've never had an issue with and I've been experimenting with the government government "weed" here since its inception of legalization in the last couple years here in Canada

  • not combining immunization jabs would reduce autism significantly. specific mushrooms help too.

  • I thought it was supposed to cure everything

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