Building Organic Living Soil for Medical Cannabis!

Building Organic Living Soil for Medical Cannabis!

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  • This needs pumice stone. Add the worms to the ones with the food scraps.

  • Cool video Thanks! But is the biochar activated? Bc if its not it will suck out the nutrients threw out time from th earth. cou can activate it with Effective Microorganisms or just mixing it with your kitchen scrabs and a wormbin!

  • Yes i Yes i broda

  • Should I let this mix cook and compost for months until next season starts or should I mix it right before I transplant?

  • Doesn't RO water make the nutrients less available?

  • SMH. I threw the rest of my super soil away after I discovered there was “mold” on there. Oh well, now I know!

  • We're moving to our new house soon and I'm so glad I found your channel. This video is perfect for what I have planned. Thank you for posting this series!

  • I'm always sooo surprised how much junk people put in their soil. It's SOOOO expensive this way!!!…..
    40% Coco, 20% FFHF 20% EWC 20% perlite
    THATS IT!!!!!!!
    Additives?? Yup, only a couple.
    Kelp, Alfalfa, Just a pinch of bat crap.
    Dr E's 444.
    Boom! Done!!!

  • Liked and subscribed. When will you add earthworms?

  • Watched this and subscribed straight up 🤯🙌🏽

  • Cant buy malibu in my country can i use any other compost?

  • Why put bi

  • Awesome video!!! I love seeing organic grows from scratch like this instead of amending potting soil.

  • Man I gotta give it to you bro. The whole compost part I can't do it. I have a small house. So it would smell like a sewage leak inside. I'll try it for my outside bed

  • Always Fun To Learn Something New.
    Thanks For Making My Day Even Better.

  • I'm starting out with Earth Dust amendments and am wondering if I cover the pots would it kick start the "cooking"? I'm instructed to wait 3 weeks till the soil is mature, would planting clovers before transplanting the ladies be a bad Idea or just wait and plant the clovers when I transplant?

  • lol i like how he says hummus

  • An easy way to made organic soil. yourself at home♥️👍here is a good helper for home gardening, invite you to try it. with a small change, can reuse waste👍, food waste into black gold, Home-grown food, resource sustainability, and zero waste.

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  • Really helpful and what are the totes you planted the "girls" in?

  • So once you have these 75 products youll get about 1 pound of fire

  • That's not dirt. That's a damn tap root orgy waiting to happen. You can resurrect a human in that stuff

  • Idk y but you are my favorite breeder. Maybe it's the jiffy cups

  • Have you ever made a soil mixture with “charged biochar”? Seems like a lot of folks are certain that biochar will spend a great length of time stealing available nutrients and limiting growth activity in resident plants unless you first charge it with compost tea, etc. I’d be interested to know if you’ve been able to cross examine this. I’ve never used biochar either way. Thanks in advance

  • Only question I have, what do you do with the soil once you are done with that grow?

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