• Free Brittney Griner! But more importantly, free El Chapo! Brittney Griner was just a basketball player, but El Chapo did things that are actually important and helpful to many people. His large organization consistently and reliably supplied and continues to supply millions of Americans with the drugs they want, need, and love!

  • Jail

  • Griner did the crime – now do the time . She hates the USA , enjoy the pending 10 years . Russia also have serious homophobic laws

  • Yea the Biden administration is fighting to get her released from Russia while thousands are still locked up here for the same reason. Hippocrates !!

  • "I didn't know the law there." "I have a prescription." "I don't know how that got in my bag." Is he going to keep make up excuses until he thinks the Russians believe one? Brittney said that the translations are not good. No, they don't speak hip-hop in Russia. You are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.
    The comments I have seen don't offer much sympathy for this situation, considering that Griner does not like the United States.

  • Vote baiting. Americans left behind in Afghanistan Ukraine. Biden is disgusting

  • Dumb girl. It is a drug. Known for helping with pain and relaxation. If anything SHE A CHEATING ATHLETE

  • Please keep this misfit in Russia


  • Griner’s – Low – Grade Substance’s Crime! – vs – Putin’s- Hi Level- Brutal Criminal! – Known for Psychopathic/Terrorist Crimes!! … As A Prisoner Exchange is Extremely Disturbing!! …
    Griner should have stayed in Russia!! … Her Arrogance has Allowed a Mass Murderer & Known Brutal Terrorist to be Released to Putin’s Evil Regime!! … It’s Bullsh*t!! … For an American who should know better!! … Hope You Enjoy Your Freedom at The Cost of Many Innocent Lives!! .. How Disgusting!! 😡

  • Lying liberal POS! 5-10 years hard labor in Siberia should do wonders!

  • Crimes in the US are out of control. We would like Russia to have this same issue. Please let her go. I am BG!…….

    wait….BG stands for Big Gap, Right?

  • the more the government gets involved the harder the russians government is going to come down on her , time to man up

  • The United States has similar penalties for smuggling illegal drugs into the US. It's very unlikely and quite frankly an absurd excuse that she accidentally brought drugs into Russia. She pleaded guilty and she deserves to be punished like anyone else. If Biden exchanges a dangerous arms dealer for a basketball player he should be impeached.

  • And still being woke and virtue signaling while there. Some people never learn. Maybe she will in a decade. I'm sure the other prisoners have told her she is insane for bad mouthing America compared to what Russians have to deal with.

  • She deserves to be in prison. She has lived and worked there for nearly ten years. She is not an innocent victim or political prisoner. Legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use in parts of the U.S. has no bearing on what happens in Russia or other countries. Stop waiving privilege.

  • Unfortunately she knew the Russian law. She has been playing there since 2015 in her off season getting paid millions of dollars really! Oh yeah she ignored it UGH.

  • 👆.👆.👆look up that handle, he ships worldwide , and he got >>shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, kat ,psilocybin, Xanax,chocolate bars, he's got a lot…:::::🍄 💊🍫🔌…………………….

  • The KGB or Russian authorities want to use her as a bargaining chip. To make an exchange they want back Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer found guilty of conspiring to sell weapons to a terrorist organization in 2011. He’s in An American Federal Prison has him. So, I’m sure for what she did the Russian’s don’t care. If they really want to put more pressure for the trade add another 10 years to her sentence 20 years then the American president would sign off on the trade.

  • Yeah the only black female who uses it medical purpose, that's what you get you unpatriotic 🤣🤣🤣🤣werz the🌈

  • All excuses no accountability, her culture

  • We know that Putin is a strong president, but to show that he is a great statesman, he should order the release of this young person (I assume that Russia has something similar as America that the president can give a pardon?) Especially Putin! Putin does not need sympathy from incompetent Western leaders and governments, but he would get millions of sympathy from ordinary young people all over America and the Western world!

  • Free Heather Mack. Heather has paid her price to society and deserves justice… not judicial double jeopardy.

  • Another so called priviledged athlete knowingly caring drugs into a foreign country and getting caught now lying to the court. Suffer for your stupidity. May be great at what she does but lacks the mental capacity to obey the laws of a foreign country.

  • If it's medical Marijuana, call her doctor and it should be easier to justify America attempting her release. Otherwise…whatever

  • If they really want to punish her they should put her in a all male prison

  • I smoke cannabis medicinally.

    This lady does it recreationally.

  • Wow 10 years for a bit of plant juice 🤔

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • She took a knee and now she wants OUR help? Let her think about it, for like 10 years!

  • She has been without her 'medical' marijuana for quite some time now. She seems to be doing ok. I guess we'll know more in 10 years. 😄 I'm going to bake some brownies, I'll send her a couple of dozen. I'm not completely without compassion. 😁😂🤣😅

  • So what its still illegal in Russia.

  • LOL…medical mary jane…would that not be considered as PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT drug that is not only illegal but NOT to be used in sports? So, if those in WWF/WWE, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, OLYMPICS, TRACK TEAM, ETC were to say: "Ohh, I use marijuana for my OCD, ADHD, CATARACTS, GLAUCOMA, MENUTRATION CRAMPS …BLAH, BLAH"….that's makes it ok for athletes to use it???

  • Do the the time

  • I bet you any money she'd stand tall and proud and sing the US national anthem for seven days straight just to be able to come back! Boohoo

  • Russians are so cool!!!!!🇷🇺

  • Why do Americans always think they can impose on other countries laws and customs? For example, medical marijuana is illegal in Russia.
    Pleading ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and she must face the consequences. And now she wants preferential treatment just because she's a celebrity.

  • But the war mongers keep waring

  • Brittney Griner broke the rules of a foreign country. She knew the rules previously or should have been aware of them prior to travel. IMHO this is a case where the perp decided to ignore the rules of another country.

  • She's a drug user bringing drugs into Russia. Penalize her accordingly

  • Ya I'm about to smoke my " medical Canibis" and play some Halo.

  • Do the crime, pay the time.

  • "medical cannabis". When I went to Thailand I had to quit taking "medical kratom" because it's illegal there and I didn't want to end up in a foreign jail. Someone should of told that clown.

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