BOSS EVENT – June 2023 +  Skincare Q & A Over 50

BOSS EVENT – June 2023 + Skincare Q & A Over 50

BOSS EVENT – June 2023 + Skincare Q & A Over 50 for more Makeup, Skincare & Style!
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The Ordinary Lash & Brow Serum

Products Mentioned & Wearing:
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ION* Gut Support
ION* Skin Support
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MITO RED LIGHT (my favorite at home device for anti aging and good health)
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NIRA – FDA Cleared at-home laser device (great for deep lines and wrinkles)
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Nebulyft at Home Radio Frequency (tightens and firms the skin)
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MyoLift – True Microcurrent Device (lift the face)
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CITY BEAUTY – The BEST Plumping Lip Gloss + Neck Firming Cream, Invisicrepe!!
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JUPITER – My favorite CBD Oil (for creaky joints & stress!)
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Haielle Haircare (keeps my color treated hair soft and shiny)
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Rebounder – Leaps & Rebounds (10 minutes a day!)
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BIRCH BOYS CHAGA (great for immune support) ***Use Code PrettyOverFifty for 10% Off Sitewide

Honeylove (the most comfortable bra I’ve found) Use Link for a 10% Discount

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  • Such a lot of good info in this video. Thank you! I also quit putting colored nail polish on my nails (I'm 68) but do use Ella + Milla brand which is non-toxic. On my finger nails I only use the first aid kiss which is a beautiful shiny clear polish that has really helped my nails be hard and they do not split anymore. I have used their products for over 3 years and I highly recommend! Also regarding hooded eyes improvements, I do think using Tretinoin every other or every night has helped me with that and also Angie from Hot & Flashy has said that has helped her with that also. I have a subscription with Agency for my Tretinoin per Angie's recommendation and it works! I agree with all you have said about skin care and I have been following you for quite a while so I use a lot of the serums you and Angie use and they work! I do not have any devices, for me that seems like a lot of time to put in. I am happy to go to a salon and have a wonderful facial every once in awhile as for me, that is so relaxing and helpful for my skin. So happy you are happy in the Villages. I have a heard a lot about that place, some good some bad.


  • The code only takes off $3.00. What’s gone wrong? Do you know how to get the 20 percent off, which is $12? Thanks.

  • I use Ion sinus support just because.. my dog didn't care for the pet version made her ill… and I use ion gut for me..

  • How can I contact you privately. Need to share something you might need to know with your garden in the Villages ? I am a villager

  • Kimberly, your neck is looking so much better. I've seen an approvement in the last month.

  • Kim, I had no clue you moved from South Carolina to Florida. There was not a video following your move as South Carolina. For me it happened so quickly

  • Can you do puffy dark circles make up??


  • Great video!! Tried to order Ion however Canadian government has suspended approval for shipping to Canada boohoo.. I had to have an American contact ship the Nira to me as well as not approved here 🇨🇦💜

  • Code still not working… Am I doing something wrong? Only $3.06 off

  • Unfortunately this is still not available in Canada. Product does not meet regulatory approvals….but then I JUST clicked on SIBO CLINIC CANADA and found that they have been: developed to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a common root cause of many health issues. I found ION here and ordered right away…2 years plus waiting for this product! Yay. Meanwhile have been using FLVC Powder, Fulvic and Humic Acid, not entirely the same, but does support gut health.

  • How do you order ION Products?

  • Code only gave me $3.06 off. Wonder why not 20% off. Not ordering until it works. Hmm???

  • I take the ION the exact same way. I’m the only one that uses it here so it works for me. I need to order more of the spray. I will not do subscriptions so this discount won’t work for me, but that’s fine. BTW: I had the same reaction to my face/skin when I turned 51. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was wearing my emotions and the heartbreak of suddenly losing my husband 8 years earlier on my face. That’s when I started searching YouTube for ways to improve 50+ year old skin and I found several great channels – hence how I got here a few years ago. I just turned 55 and I have actually had people ask me if I am aging in reverse! I had your same bad habits (i.e. wearing makeup to bed, no quality skincare products, etc) and since changing all of that, boy is there a difference. I now know that I can age with grace and slow the process a little bit in many ways.

  • I missed this live! Can you tell us about your hair color? I am new to the channel, and I went back to older videos and your hair is brown. I love the blonde! I’m a darker blonde and would love to go lighter. Any suggestions? Do
    they use a toner too?

  • You want strong legs do SQUATS get to 100 a day it will give you 1" on your bum and strong legs. Jill

  • I missed the code for the ion

  • I am really not trying to be a smart a** but do you not have any chemtrails in Florida? They seem to be everywhere else in the States and Canada. Unless your tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse, wouldn't your tomatoes be covered in the toxic components of the chemtrails? BTW, I am very interested in the ION products and plan to order some. I have watched videos by Zach Bush. Thank you.

  • Just placed my first ION order! And also subscribed to #middleagedminx this week. You both are inspiring, gorgeous women! I turned 50 last year and want to be more active at 75 than I am now! #backfiftygoals.

  • Not such a great discount as your others have been. 🙁

  • Kimberly, so are you not using any sunscreens at all except the ION skin support spray???????

  • What does fluffy mean?

  • Help ? I used the discount “boss20” but it’s only discounting $3.60. I signed up for the 32 Oz subscription of the gut health

  • I use the gut support. It really keeps the bloating down. I have lupus and Fibro so the leaky gut issues are very important for me to control
    I bought the pet support. My kitty has IBS and terrible allergies. It is helping her and I’m so happy. I spend a fortune at the vet for her allergies and this is helping.

  • Will you lose weight on gut support ?

  • I have heard radio frequency devices , are not always good for everyone , they may cause cancer or if you have some form of lymph node problems or thyroid issues , these theirs of face and neck devices can be harmful.

  • Have you ever had a reaction with The Ordinary Niacinamide? I bought 3ea 60ml unopened bottles and it is too harsh my skin.
    I just joined the gym in The Villages and plan on doing Pilates there…have you tried it?

  • Hi Kimberly! I´ve been taking this for around 6 months and I love it!!! I bought it on your recommendation and Iḿ sure glad I did. My digestive system is happier in every way since I´ve been taking it. When I stop taking it for a few days I can really tell a difference. Iḿ finally getting my head around the fact that taking care of my digestive system is not an option. We are older now and itś something we simply have to do. Thanks for this great recommendation Kimberly!

  • Would this work for a person that has no gallbladder? Thank U? so much for your time.

  • Hi Kim do you know if the nebulyft would be good for under eye hollows ..I am looking for a way to plump the area without doing fillers. Thank you in advance

  • Code is NOT working. $3.06 OFF Let us know when you get this fixed please.

  • Tried the code BOSS20 and it did not work

  • You rock Kim, such an inspiration! 🙂

  • Great video. I take my 97 year old mom shopping and man, anything Alfred Dunner will make you look 100! I get that some folks need comfort over style– the elderly. But holy cow- small changes can make a huge difference in how we present ourselves.

  • One more thing I forgot to mention….the spray has worked wonders for my husband's chest and neck. He had shingles about 5 years ago and the itching and stinging feeling has never gone away, but this spray helps it quite a bit. We have tried so many other products and none of them worked like the Ion Spray does.

  • I ordered the Ion Gut Support about 2 months ago after watching one of your videos, since I have sinus issues I decided to try their sinus spray….omgosh it's wonderful and I have completely quit using my Rx spray… sinuses have been so much better. Just a little FYI for anyone who has sinus issues, it's definitely worth a try.

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