Billy Caldwell's mother: ‘Medical cannabis keeps my epileptic son alive’

Billy Caldwell's mother: ‘Medical cannabis keeps my epileptic son alive’

When 12-year-old Billy Caldwell’s medicinal cannabis was confiscated by British border forces last month, his life-threatening …


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  • If you want, you can learn how to cure any sickness simply by consuming Weedborn CBD.

  • My MS life is pointless without various cannabis remedies.. Medicinal chemistry books have shown this for years

  • At last, Billy has received the certificate for medicinal cannabis he needs. Perhaps I could offer both mother and child £50 to get their hair washed and cut.


  • Why Cannabis if he can get dangerous chemical medicine

  • Honestly, I think that most drugs are neither bad nor good. Its not black and white. Take Cannabis for example, it has many healthy properties used for treating many kind of health problems or simply to relax and reduce stress. Beer, coffee are also a drug. All drugs can do harm if not used properly or overused of course. But making cannabis legal give the government a mean to control its quality, make revenue from it, help people that need it for medical reasons. Just like alcohol, cannabis can cause issues but its minimally dangerous (I would say less than alcohol but that's just my opinion).

    I'm okay that its about to become legal here in Quebec, just a little concerned some individuals might become a bit addicted as in Quebec its a very prominent drug even while illegal, or should I say tolerated for years due to so many people smoking it. You can make as many arguments you want against recreative use, but refusing medical use of Cannabis is utterly stupid in my opinion. It doesn't help that the drug was illegal for so long almost everywhere slowed research and trials on the drug.

    And I do smoke cannabis once every week or two myself. It relax and no hangover alcohol would give me. I really don't see anything wrong with it other than the smell and the fact that kids under 18 might get an easier access to the drug. But then, I might be the reverse. Right now anyone can VERY easily get Cannabis from almost any random person with a random quality and kind. If its legal, well those sellers should get scarce and it might make it harder a bit for underage to get access to the drug. I understand elsewhere it might not be the case, but here? I can ask a random person in the street if they know someone who sell and get Cannabis in a few hours even if I don't have a contact. Teens or Adults alike.

  • 9 dislikes by people who suck

  • Charlotte Cauldwell = CC = 33.
    Freemason's favourite number.

  • More staged 'news' provided by the media presstitutes working for government.
    I wish these interfering busy-bodies would just get the drug and use it WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE.
    Stop making a song and dance about it and stop trying to get laws changed all the time.
    The powers-that-be want us all buying our own medicines and this is the start of it.
    This woman is a shill for government, nothing more.

  • Love love to this mother and her son. I know how hard it is and you just hope it doesn't last longer than 5 minutes. Laws in every country across the world need to allow CBDs and THC meds. Hell just legalized all of cannibus for med and recreational use.

  • Britain is backward on Cannabis because it's booze industry is incredibly powerful and well-connected.

  • Pro pot lobbies….PolPot consequences

  • Its nice how opiates are allowed for medical use but cannabis isnt

  • in previous video they tried to vouch to legalize Ecstazy drugs. What next? heroin? Some child somewhere needs heroin?

  • If mum grows it & processes it herself, is it still medicine ?? Or do we need GW pharma to tell us what medicine IS ?

  • It's all well and good the UK government making his license permanent but the Royal Hospital in Belfast is still refusing to provide him with the treatment. The Tories don't want to do anything that could lead to decriminalisation of cannabis and why would they? People who smoke cannabis have always been associated with activism and the last thing our government wants is an aware, politically active population that may start to protest and take direct action.

  • Good Mama

  • Key word: Medical, nothing else. Don't argue for anything else.

  • Lets be done with the nonsense. If your going to legalize the worlds most dangerous drug: Alcohol, then you have no reason whatsoever to ban cannabis/marijuana any more.

  • The majority of politicians still parrot nonsensical untruths on the subject.
    It's disgusting and we need to change as a country. The sad truth is some people will need to die so those old stupid ideas can die along with them.

  • God bless Billy ….. Stay up buddy !!!!!

  • It's a tragedy medical cannabis is still illegal in so many countries.

  • Thank god for Pro Pot lobbies – saving children, the same can’t be said for the thoughtless whack jobs keeping cannabis away from truly sick people. Such a simple way to help people and yet the consistently turn requests down. Change is coming

  • That’s so sad. When will the public and governments realize that medicinal marijuana can be used to do wonders!? I really hope marijuana will be legalized worldwide

  • Wow…in the UK you can show the medical benefits of something and they will first of all actually hear you out, and second of all ACTUALL DO SOMETHING!!! unlike in the United States of chaos…

  • sitting here in colorado.. these stories sadden me

  • I've never heard a good reason for pot remaining illegal

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