• it's a plant I grow and used regularly…they don't care as long as I'm not stepping on federal profits..the problem is crossing that line so if just personal use..have had no issues.
    Yeah. saying even though illegal the feds are balls deep in the drug money.

  • I legally grew a few pounds of personal medicine, fight HARD to get this plant legal everywhere, for every reason!

  • Now this is podracing !!!!

  • Legalize it world wide

  • Deemed to have no medical value as a secdule 1 yet this girl uses it to help treat her epilepsy. They truly believe we're that stupid. We all know why it's illegal.

  • It clearly states in Genesis that all herbs are given for food. Cannabis is recognized by science to be an herb, therefore Cannabis prohibition and regulation of any kind is unconstitutional.

  • So unfair to the drug companies…

  • Of course, the government wants to make money off the taxes. Wtf

  • Cannabis is a vegetable

  • There shouldn’t be a market in the first place

  • Progress. Small but growing. God help us all.

  • God bless that lil girl 🙏🙏🙏

  • How can you argue growing cannabis “threatens commercial businesses”? With that logic, gardening should be banned because it threatens commercial farmers.

  • What state?

  • Should've been legal already

  • Screw the market free the weed!

  • "Would Crush the market", well then Crush it! ANYONE should be allowed to grow this plant, not just those who are looking to make a profit off of it. Greedy people can go screw them selves.

  • Children can go to the store and buy Energy Drinks with they Mama's EBT; Don't make this a health or "care" issue.

    Free The Plant.

  • Support your local growers!

  • Americans for food sovereignty.

  • I love when people “for freedom” get up in arms when something is added and not taken away.

  • Overgrow the government 😁

  • It should be free to grow. It's a plant.

  • Excellent bill🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Legalize freedom

  • I am glad her daughter is getting something that helps. Feds are sitting on legalization or at least changing from a class 1 because they are plotting how they can make money and can control people's freedoms. I saw the last bill introduced was to cover Atf agents from being fired or not being hired. They always make their own exempt. You should be free with your body unless you are hurting others because you can't handle freedom with responsibility. It's not my fault there are stupid people that want their existence regulated.

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