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  • Not against anything but why is every speech or paper only reciting Charlotte?

  • Interesting that there was no mention of treatment for Parkinson's disease or spinal damage(nerve damage. Good talk .

  • People aren’t listening to what this man has to say. Just hanging on to what they believe.

  • 💛🧬💫🧡✨

  • The united state is a pharmaceutical cartel and doesn't want anybody using plants to cure ourselves ,what do you think we used before big pharmaceuticals for meds, that's right medical plants, this cartel the United States of America Pharmaceuticals company make money to keep all of us sick , that way they make more money ,a vicious cycle the USA promoted over and over

  • Big Pharma.

  • Cannabis has been used as medicine for over 3,000 years. Bill Clinton smokes cannabis.

  • I am happy that I live where it is legal.

  • I wish he gave the particular strain or “brand” that was helpful for autism! I know several families who desperately need help! 🤷‍♂️

  • Boy, what a voice he’s got!

  • I am too high for his accent

  • Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for the win! What a magical plant. You can make capsules, suppositories, elixirs, tinctures, topicals of all sorts and cookies, cakes and brownies and more. We all have an EndoCannabinoid System, we are made to use this plant. 10,000 years of human use with no death from overdose… pretty incredible when you think about it. I hope to get my ACKR Canna-it-ALL Healing-Life Center open soon. Dedi, it was a pleasure to talk to you in Portland, OR in 2019. We discussed DMSO and Cannabis oil … into tumors, so interesting! I hope to see you again. Thank you for your dedication!! <3
    Rhea R Graham

  • Free the plant you greedy Basterds!!!!!

  • This time I will use Weedborn CBD products to heal myself.

  • THANK to this video and not just this one…I was able to help my mothe with ovaric carcinoma…even if I have not used just cannabis to help her…there are so many other things that helps!

  • I really like CBD from Weedborn.

  • So I need to smoke a lot of different kinds of weed, got it.

  • I, too, have experienced the effects of long term cannabis use, as I have smoked it for 60 years, since I was introduced to it in Mexico City in 1960 while studying at Mexico City College. I am now 84 years old, and I have no major medical problems, and my current physician has found no evidence of this use from all my test reports. After doing my 'due diligence' I accepted the fact that cannabis is medicine, and has been used as such for hundreds of years, if not longer. You may reference that today by remembering Charlotte Figi, as Dedi Meiri does here.  

    It is documented in the Anglo-Indian Report of 1895/96, as well as in the LaGuardia report of the 1930's in NYC. These two reports are noted for their lack of serious indictment of cannabis, thus the substance entered the pharmacology of the USA with it's inclusion in major publications such as the American Material Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy, 1919, as well as similar publications dating back to before 1900. It was just another medicine.

    Until what's his name showed up as head of the FBI in the 1930's. Singlehandedly he apparently turned the world against cannabis, he made it a demon, a killer …… and the rest is history, and a very fascinating one at that.


  • I've smoked more than 550 strains of cannabis. I've also cured a basal cell carcinoma on my back with cannabis. I don't need a lab trying to patent components of this superfood. I just need cheap, plentiful, and free access to cannabis products.

  • It's a great tragedy that the plant was demonized so much. Even when I was growing up I thought it was "bad". I am happy that it is legal where I live, and I happily use it!

  • R.I.P. DR. ALLAN FRANKEL… Oct 7, 2021…. Brilliant physician and pioneer in the medical cannabis movement.

  • If we grow it for ourselves we get what we need …nature knows best ..

  • I theorize that disease evolves via the same psycho-emotional pathways we call the cannabinoid system and the specific strains effective for specific diseases are like combination locks that can literally pull disease out backwards from the way it evolved. I don’t know of a single disease that isn’t accompanied by emotional suffering.

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