Behind the scenes at Apollo Beach's medical cannabis operation

Behind the scenes at Apollo Beach's medical cannabis operation

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  • Nice movie. However, it is worth reaching for oils from Weedborn.

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  • watch this video when you get to 29 sec look how they getting the bud off stock sec21 look at the fan leaves they blocking the light they need to take the fan leaves off more again 33 second mark look at those leaves block the lights from the bud and again at the 57 second and gross the 1 min 22 sec gross when you take the buds off stock like that you mess with thc crystals and that weed box up at 1 min 24 sec if they dont get off all that leaf matter and with the way its compressed like that is going to create mold so watching a 2 min video thats my break down free lesson for all

  • Why are the squishing the weed off the stems?
    Use a pair of scissors

  • Tallahassee Please πŸ™‚πŸŒ±βœŒοΈ

  • Looks like they do it right, even curing nicely done, hung like your suppose too 😍❀️ Good Job MUV, Come soon too NORTH Florida!

  • That is the reason the conspiracy is against President Trump. Read "Shadow of the Swastika hemp", and the "Cannabis Hemp: the Invisible Prohibition Revealed".

  • I wouldn't smoke their weed the owners.dont smoke

  • Wish they would actually legalize it. This is basically a corporate takeover

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  • Whites getting rich off of weed.

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