• I hate these things mfs selling mids and just putting humidity packs in them

  • Why are they so expensive?

  • Boveda!!! Best packs ever only 1.30$ cheap most smoke shops sell it and makes my weed great I’m over here dying 🥴😂 just leave it in there without opening the jar for a few hours and u will see the difference💯

  • My local shop only had the smallest size for 1/8th.

    How many should I use for 1oz of flower?

  • Awesome

  • I did research on google and your packs fuck up lots of peoples weed. Shouldnt be marketing for weed!!!! Thanks for fuc*ing all my hard work up…

  • Boveda 62 ruined perfectly cured weed. I didnt addyil jar til it qas cured. Then it stkle my terps and made my weed taste like hay/grass. Will never recomend your product or buy from you again. I followed directions on your site and your crappy boveda pack ruined my weed.

  • Could I use a boveda pack for seedlings/cuttings in an incubator with the temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius

  • I just got some 58% Boveda packs and put it in my Legal Pennsylvania Revel Wedding Cake medical marijuana and IT MADE THE DRIED BUDS PERFECT. They were very dry before, now is perfect to vaporize! SO thankful. Boveda ROCK!

  • I noticed my bud loses terps and a bunch of smell when using boveda packs. try getting 2 jars 1 with boveda and 1 without and you'll smell a difference

  • Heck yeah these packs indeed work! My medical dispensary weed was drying out to the point it crumbles. I put one 62% pack in my cvault and within one day the bud already is moist, and the weed doesn't crumble anymore I have to use the grinder now.

  • I could only get small 62's, but I am planning on using it with about 300g in a larger container. So I plan on being dilligent, removing themat times maybe , as I am aiming for 12%

  • So just take it out of that cellophane and put it in your mason jar?

  • I love boveda be it herb or my humidor perfect

  • Fantastic product!

  • Essential for anyone who cares about their bud.

  • Have a few 10 pack bags I love this product. 👌🏾👌🏾boveda

  • Terrible product. Ruined my terpene and flavours from my vape. Completely diminished effects which makes sense given terpenes contribute to the entourage effect.

  • So no burping required,thats suprising

  • I can 100 percent say this product works even better than you could imagine. I've shown to other people and even they are amazed by the results even after 48hrs

  • I have about an ounce in a mason jar with the boveda 62 pack at the bottom. I also placed a small hygrometer at the top and it reads 45% Rh, even after a few hours. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Just go to Weedborn if you want to improve your health.

  • do you make jar inserts so ur pack dont get messed up rubbing around and moisture some kind of capsule you can but pack in and put in your jar i made out out of an old jar lis with hols in it ao my pack sits ontop of my budin jar with pack in it then lid gos on

  • Perfecto

  • Should I still open the bottle every day?


  • I'm from Canada and found one of those in my weed container, unexpected but welcomed surprised

  • package just came today i just got some fresh and had some old buds. now im bout to wait and see.

  • Just got mine in the mail and I can’t wait to use them. Thanks!

  • This just gave me an idea.. what if you rolled a blunt with a premium maduro wrapper? Hmmm…

  • Hello I did my first harvest and I would like to know when its safe to put the Boveda pack inside my jar.
    I cured it for 2.5 weeks so far… Am I ok to put the pack inside? Or keep on curing for longer?

  • rock n roll smoke a bowl

  • If you use these, keep a gallon jug of distilled water around. When the pack gets fairly dried out, stick it into a glass or jar of distilled water for a few days and it will be completely recharged. I just took a stack of 5 of the large size out of my coolidor and they were fairly stiff, but not rock hard. It's taken 6 days (after 4 days, they were pliable, but you could see the contents were still slightly cloudy), but they are now completely recharged …fully pliable, squishy and ready to roll.
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…for weed as well as your cigars and pipe tobacco.

  • So when do you use it? After curing during curing?

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