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  • Big pharma is the big problem

  • The pharmaceutical companies and our crooked a$$ government dont want to let people use marijuana because it will stop people from taking meds that dont work, they will lose millions if it is legalized, it works, they are just doping children , and causing other problems,crooked gov.

  • Medical has been studied for decades, but government made too much money putting money in to prisons to keep black and Mexican pexpletive in jail so they lose their rights to vote.

  • Cannabis is a miracle herb not a drug.

  • Leave that doctor and find a better one.

  • I think it should be left up to the parents. If it's helps then why not!

  • As a fellow Autistic I can say that this is real and it dose work. I discovered Delta 8 thc a few moths ago. Best of all its legal. Your local state laws apply of course. I vape it daily. 3 or 4 puffs and I'm good. As far as the strain a good incada works for me.

  • So when is the much needed trials being done instead of talking about it decade after decades 🌿🌏

  • it really sucks that there's systemic discrimination towards the mentally ill

  • I'm diagnosed level 2 autistic (requiring substantial support) and I'm a medical cannabis user. Let me give you some advice for your autistic loved one:

    Tinctures are for topical use. They are great for arthritis and some other things but not for autism, they won't have any impact.

    The best form of cannabis for treating autism is edible cannabis. Distillate, RSO, and other concentrates extracted using food grade alcohol, heat and pesticides-free cannabis FLOWERS (not leaves) are what you want to look for.

    When choosing strains steer clear of high thc strains that have no cbd in them as these will likely increase anxiety and exacerbate suffering for your loved one. When choosing a concentrate, look for something that is at least 50% thc and roughly 20% cbd. Neither thc nor cbd alone will provide optimum benefits, it takes both, along with cbn, cba, other cannabinoids and various terpenes which most strains, especially indica or indica-dominant hybrids, have in abundance.

    Not all strains are the same, some will make suffering and anxiety worse while others will seem miraculous. A little trial and error will be needed to find a handful of strains that are effective in reducing anxiety and improving executive function. Also, don't fall for the myth that sativas are for day and indica for night, either can be effective at any time. What matters is the cannabinoid and terpene profile which is unique to each strain regardless whether indica or sativa just as your loved one's cannabinoid and terpene needs are also unique to them. Just use trial and error and get feedback from your loved one on which strains make them feel better to find good matches on strains.

    After finding effective strains you will need more trial and error to figure out correct dosage. The reason edibles are the best for treating autism is not only because they are more potent but also because their effects last longer and dosage is easier to manage. For instance, I personally use RSO (rick simpson oil) as my main medicine. It typically has between 50% – 70% thc and 20% – 30% cbd. I take about 100mg of it when I wake up and another 100mg mid-afternoon. This keeps me calm, focused on 'feel good' subjects, patient, relaxed, friendly and mostly non-reactive to external stimuli which would normally send me into a rage throughout my day-to-day.

    Of course, I'm 35 years old so obligations and responsibilities along with unforeseen circumstances of adulting in my limited capacity still tend to create anxiety, especially when there are too many things to sort through and when those build up I usually have a couple of varieties of organic dried flower to roast as needed.

    Yes, sometimes it might be good for your loved one to smoke. The effects of smoking are immediate and intense but short lived. In a situation of acute anxiety edibles will not act fast enough to resolve them and smoking will be the best option. Don't freak out, chances are if they need a smoke they only need a couple of puffs to relax and get back the executive functioning that their overwhelm robbed of them. Packing a 1-hitter will provide more than enough medicine to quell those situations. However, if you rely too much on smokable cannabis particularly for treating autism you will find that your loved one spends way too much time either over- or under-medicated and not enough time properly medicated to enjoy optimum benefit.

    Also, not all concentrates are good. I recommend staying away from those extracted using petrochemical solvents such as butane as these can have some nasty adverse effects. Also, especially when it comes to choosing smokable cannabis, always choose organically grown product. They tend to be pricey but when it comes to medicine you want the pure stuff, not stuff that's saturated in toxic chemicals which in the case of treating autism can actually be counterproductive.

    To summarize, the 3 keys to finding the best cannabis treatment for your autistic loved one are 1. Use pesticides-free, food grade edible cannabis extract. 2. Find a small handful of effective strains. 3. Find the correct dosage and frequency. Keep in mind that a little trial and error will be needed to dial in 2 out of 3.

  • Just go to Weedborn if you want to heal.

  • Giving your child this evil drug is a sin and you should go to jail and pay a fine until you learn your lesson for your crimes and if you do it more than three times I think you should lose your freedom for life.

  • Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Autism.
    He was diagnosed four years ago, and he's just 6, I have tried several treatments and medications, nothing was working out, this got me frustrated and depressed. I kept praying and finally God answered my prayers when someone from youtube introduced me to this doctor from his home country and gave me his contact details.
    I called and explained my son's condition after which I made an order for his herbal remedy, he asked for my address and the next day I got a tracking number for a parcel sent to me through DHL and after four days I received my order.
    It was a liquid herbal medicine and a letter containing the instructions on how to use the herbs, I called him again to confirm and the next morning I started giving my son the herbs as instructed and after one week I noticed great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got finished and everything lasted for just one month and now my son is totally free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normally and has no more seizures,
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  • A big challenge that could have been stated years and years ago…

  • is effective anyone who says otherwise is a fool I know from personal experience

  • These dr be so scared for their jobs it’s funny lol

  • The pharmaceutical companies own doctors and hospitals! They're not going to use anything they don't get$$$$$ for! The US government has patented it for medical use! HYPOCRISY!

  • how is medical cannabis WORSE than prescription pills with side effects? STOP fighting the LOVE(not in a hippie way,just stop blocking people from finding hope)

  • free the people

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