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  • I think I may be showing signs of PD, My hand randomly will drop things, My leg won't always pick up and end up shuffling across the floor. And a growing anxiety, confusion happens easily, sleep is being an issue lately. been a long time cannabis user. However, I haven't been using cannabis as much as I used to. Anyways I am here to tell you, there is hardly a safety risk with Cannabis. Smoke it, Eat it, drink it, you can juice the entire plant and not get high from it, and actually receive 600% more of it opposed to traditional means of use. Doctors need to get off their pharmaceutical high horse, try it for themselves. It won';t kill you. Its good shit yo.

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  • What MG would suggest to stop tremors and stiffness please my friends nanna is suffering and wants to try

  • The problem I have people that nothing has worked, all the regulated medical treatment, therefore other alternatives should be there.

  • Many don’t believe that Parkinson Disease, PTSD or DID can be reverse treated and cured, all they believe is that there is no cure but I am glad letting you all know that it is all wrong because my friends Mom that has being sick with Parkinson Disease for years just got her Parkinson Disease and her husband's PTSD reversed and cured with a herbal supplements from DR MADIDA on YouTube

  • My medical doctor just confirmed me better and very okay after undergoing DR Madida herbal treatment plan for my Parkinson Disease.

  • If you're aware of the outliers/biases hindering the current research, why not create your own study as a foundation ?

  • My father died in 2016 of Parkinson’s and I wish he would have been open to it.

    You’re never going to have a math based approach to cannabis. It’s a biological product, and in so, varies from plant to plant.

    Additionally, don’t write off THC because of the “high” it provides. The high can also be a pleasant side effect; not reflexively meaningless and poor.

  • Here is the thing: The day that I, the Medicine Woman, the Native of this Land, the embodiment of Divine Feminine, the Guardian of Ancestral Heritage/Knowledge – the day that I will be forced to ask any "doctor" about my birth right – the pursuit of happiness – I will f.cking destroy that "doctor" and you , the messenger, and anything that you hold dear or and have ever held dear. Cheers .

  • How can you, with a straight face, tell us that there's not enough studies to be conclusive but you should ask your doctor? 🤦‍♂️

  • You can use Weedborn Oils to improve your health.

  • Very informative video

  • Thanks for video.

  • Amazing video!
    Fighting PD is one of the craziest fight in my life, but after using #DrSusanOduwa herbal product, I was able to reverse all symptoms and cured of this disease.

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  • Medical Cannabis and a Good Diet are a medical necessity for all those of us who have been innocently and ignorantly consuming such hard to avoid Mitochondrial Poisonous Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils in our diets and got one or more of many more modern thus Metabolically Caused Diseases and CANCERS. These barely existed before about 1900 when industrially manufactured Vegetable Seed Oils and foods started becoming available. You need to exclude all manufactured snacks, takeaways, restaurant fried and manufactured foods to avoid all these vegetable oils. The ideal solution for ultimate healthy longevity is to go fully VEGAN and take Cannabis Supplementation to boost your damaged Endocannabinoid System until you are better (maybe 2 years or so) while getting all vegetable seed extract, typical industrially refined cooking oils out of your diet. You can certainly use some polysaturated animal food-based oil/fat as in all animal products if you are not quite so ill or worried about living as long and remaining perfectly healthy. Best luck from your optimally self reeducated and friendly family GP Dr David who wants to see you be actually cured of all the modern diseases that are definitely so dietary-based in origin. Get mt 75-page explanation with all references at

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