The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research


  • There's videos of people with autism and Tourette Syndrome using Cannabis and it actually helping. At least in the US, the biggest concern is Cannabis being illegal in most states regardless of medical prowess. Definitely consult with a doctor beforehand, it does have proven benefits for some.

  • Those side effects sound bad when you don't expand on them. They improve your mood, your behavior changes because you're able to relax and be silly, your short term memory is effected temporarily with high recovery rates. The risks are you get a little paranoid and then sleep it off. Quit playing around with that pharmalegal lingo

  • I prefer Cannabis over big Pharma

  • I’m very much grateful to doctor Ehimare on Youtube channel who was able to cure me completely through the usage of 🌿 herbal medicine treatment methods!! Thank you 🙏 for saving life’s dr Ehimare ?.

  • I would take cannabis over big pharma drugs!

  • Two years after initially making this video you're re-releasing it without a single updated opinion or study?
    This is why we can't have nice things. 😒

  • I am interested need to know more

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