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  • Im sick and tired of feeling sick from stimulants. I just want meds that don’t make me feel like a zombie and feel nauseous all the time in every situation.

  • I've had a peculiar experience myself. I spend half of my day sober and focus on my sober thoughts. But in my second half of the day I smoke and compare my sober thoughts to my non-sober thoughts. As a result I've been able to see many different situations from many different perspectives with the combined adhd. I also dream the same dream but never forget it when I wake up, as if I'm building an alternate reality in my own head. I also see myself being more perceptive. Also, most times when I smoke with others, they'll all feel drowsy and calm but I can still have a full length conversation and feel the calming effects at the same time. Very interesting balance.

  • I’ve been smoking since I was 15 I’m 49 now …and I never knew I had adhd Until the last few years…it’s been helping me all my life and I didn’t even know it lol

  • I agree I still think it could be useful maybe in some Adolescence but lack of motivation would definitely be a high concern for me as well I found your video because I am looking for information about ADHD and marijuana/CBD treatments verses his adderall treatment which also works wonders yes effects his weigh Drastically

  • Ohh this is what's happening to me. I should quit.

  • I find that it only really helps when Microdosing.

    That's the key, but it's also a VERY slippery slope.

    If you were thinking to try it, only use gummies. Anything else like vaping it or smoking it ihas become too convenient, and it will make your ADD mind seek it more and more, and then you won't be microdosing anymore–you will just like to get high all the time lol.

    And make sure it is a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. You will need the CBD to offset the head high of THC a little bit.

    For microdosing on gummies, I started with 5mg. That came in too hot lol. So next I tried 2.5mg, which I found was a good microdose for me, but I'm sure 2mg would also be good.

    Speaking from my experience.

  • ADHD and cannabis is the best i have discovered yet. Started as a doctor rabbit.. adhd medicstions (amfetamins) started at age 4… discovered cannabis at age 19. NEVER GOING BACK TO AMFETAMINS!!

  • What are your thoughts on Adderall for adhd in the daytime and thc in the evening for adhd, chronic pain and insomnia (I have a medical marijuana card for spinal stenosis lumbar but I was diagnosed with adhd and prescribed Adderall)?

  • so i watched this video to learn more about adhd. I'm dissapointed

  • Dat shit make my adhd act up but I been smokin on and off for 9 years and I’m 20 😂

  • I just turned 30. I was diagnosed with add when i was about 12 and was put on ritalin, adderal and some experimental one till when i was 17 i couldnt take the numb zombie feeling anymore and being accused of being stoned when i never touched the stuff. The last day of my school exams i said id try it and it helped so much over the next few years. I work my ass off. Can do 14 hr days for weeks no problem but iv chosen a more consistent timed job as of lately. I know who and what i was like before and after i started cannabis. I was just as de motivated if not more before i smoked. My issue i have with cannabis is cost as when im bored i will smoke more as a side effect and my adhd mind struggles with money management which cause stress. I now belive that if i could just grow it or get it cheap it wouldn't affect my life financially and reduce my stress leaving only the benefits from it. Just my perspective. I also see that not very clever people can start smoking or drinking and suddenly it was the smoke or alcohol that caused it and not that the person was not that clever beforehand 🤷‍♂️

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