As medical cannabis moves forward, Wyoming activists, lawmakers look to Utah

As medical cannabis moves forward, Wyoming activists, lawmakers look to Utah

As medical cannabis moves forward, Wyoming activists, lawmakers look to Utah.


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  • I know Weedborn has solutions to most diseases.


  • Sucks cause Wyoming could really benefit from allowing the sale of medical marijuana at least. But knowing how Wyoming is, we aren't gonna see marijuana there until it's legalized on the federal level. Here's hoping for 2023.

  • Good job Utah.. Sacrifice your freedom and security for less responsibility. Putting the power of cannabis into the states hands is simply taking the power out of your hands.

    Its more difficult to retrieve lost liberty's than it is to maintain them. Stupid, stupid people.

  • It's confusing how citizens in wyoming talk about freedom a lot but something like mairjuana is still illegal. Meanwhile I live in a population 3500 town that has 4 bars and 5 liquor stores.

  • WYOMING House Bill 209 ready roll. Wyoming has 14 legislators backing the bill and a majority of residents that want legal marijuana in wyoming so it's gonna happen, possibly as early as July. Wyomings oil and gas industry is suffering and money is being lost at an alarming rate that's why this is happening, and is the fastest moving marijuana bill yet their trying to rush it through. It's all about the money. It's either marijuana or start having a state income tax.

  • Utah = increase mormoon druggies

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  • It ruined Colorado,Please Wyoming don’t let it in.

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