• I am against chemical Opioids, I am Marine veteran and I know firsthand the benefits of medical Canabis. I know the bad effects of Klonopin and suicidal thoughts. If it weren’t for my wife I will be dead now. I know that a well medical supervise treatment of Canabis is a natural effective therapy solution to many of our mental health and physical conditions. Veterans can be productive and functional, I know I worked till 60 but I struggle every day with my pains and anxieties caused by military service I always refused to be dependent of the VA but because my different health conditions my job performance was impacted by multiple VA medical visits. I want to add that my brother veterans at the American legion post 154 Boqueron, PR helped me to keep going till God calls me for eternal guard duty. So I decided to become one of them and help with the mission to help all veterans and their families and contribute to society.

  • Cannabis should not be schedule 1 and veterans across this nation should be able to grow their own medicine.

  • People are being robbed of quality life by doctors and their prescribed poison. Nobody should ever take ambien, among them.

  • Absolutely ridiculous how we create barriers to a 100% legitimate, legal and all-natural medical solutions for our own vets. THC (what gets you high), and smoking "weed", is not necessarily what is needed to assist. CBD has shown to help with those dealing with chronic pain and PTSD. I for one will do my part. I have a national pharmacist formulated CBD products company and will gladly provide a 20% discount on ANY of our products. In addition, we will also make a donation on EVERY ORDER to the America Legion. We are the nation's only pharmacist owned, pharmacist formulated and THC Free company and only mention that because that is why we are trusted by the nation's pharmacy and medical community. If you are a VETERAN dealing with any chronic pain, taking "meds" and PTSD, reach out to us at Let us know you are a vet and we'll coordinate your discount. To learn more about available products go to

  • Please encourage representatives to watch this video. Congressman Billy Long, 7th district Missouri thinks he is right when he votes "NO" for any "illegal drugs." I've tried to "educate" him at least 3 times in email correspondence. Education is sorely needed to these congressmen that still believe the lies started in 1937.

  • OMG This what has been going on with me for 9 years.I'm a Vet. and the VA has prescribed me 30 + including Pain meds in massive doses and benzos and several SSRS.I have felt the way they do and still do.

  • thank you American Legion

  • I cannot believe this research and they should have the 125 research that the VA has all ready done. What I see is that there are some benefits and there are some harm. For the American Legion to speak about taking this off of a schedule 1 IS UNBELIEVEABLE. We have a bunch of people at the National Level that is just wanting to stand out. This legionnaire that is speaking is smiling, this is not funny and why should I take her serious.

  • Thank you American Legion for leading the way! Your actions speak volumes for your love and commitment to our Veterans. #Vets4mmjResearch #IwasLutz #mmj #LutzLiveToTell

  • I am not a veteran, but every veteran needs to watch this.

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