Al Harrington And David Stern Talk Medical Marijuana | THE CONCEPT OF CANNABIS

Al Harrington And David Stern Talk Medical Marijuana | THE CONCEPT OF CANNABIS

Retired NBA player Al Harrington takes us behind the doors of his cannabis extract company, then sits down with former NBA …




  • Aye where that spot in Detroit? U a goat fr

  • every1 out here promoting drugs lol

  • But Harrington doesn't talk about medical pot now. He just wants Blacks to sell what has be illegal on the streets before now. Black men need to work on being better husbands before they need to push more drugs.

  • This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!! so now we think its normal to promote most people to walk around like straight zombies. CRAZINESS DEMONIC INFLUENCES. THIS WORLD IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!

  • RIP david

  • Al paid

  • AL Harrington is a very well spoken intelligent guy

  • It looks like they’r very high towards the end ~¥£¥~

  • 12:30 David ain’t Eva lying

  • Bruh, i stopped watching when he said CBD stood for Cannabinoids. How are you going to invest that much money into a cannabis company and not even know what cannabidiol is…

  • I love David stern he’s gotta be the best white guy ever should of ran for president rip Dave

  • “I didn’t even ask for the shoes” lmfaoooooo typical Jordan

  • Exactly…. big pharma can suck a mean one

  • I'm all about everything Al's been doing in the Cannabis industry. Wish I was working with him. Scary how right Stern is about the fact that the pharma companies haven't found a way to make money but once they do it will go legal.

  • 12:20 David stern talks the most important thing here

  • i love how @9:01 david asks what CBD stands for even though he knows it. that was given to the viewers so they could understand

  • I was introduced to cannabis in 1970 and it took me fifty years to figure it out. Now I grow my own too because I figured it out.

  • Watching in 2020, Rest In Peace david stern❤️❤️

  • Mr Al Harrington what you're doing is huge, it's a movement buddy! One interview & you have the commissioner of the NBA (Huge) siding with you & already agreeing to change these rules & probably went straight home & lathered his knees with cbd cream then danced around happy! Lol keep going➡⬆

  • The Denver thuggets 😂😂

  • Play for the Toronto Raptors, it's legal in Canada.

  • Rest easy Stern!

  • May this man Rest In Peace.

  • his kids are gonna be so cool in hs and college. imagine if ur dad owned a willy wonka weed factory

  • RIP stern 😭😭

  • The LORD said in the Book of Psalms: I have given you these Herbs for Medicine…

  • Stephen A. Would lose his shit

  • Who’s here after all the smoke????

  • AL Harrington, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Rasheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, Chris the Birdman. All of them legendary weed smokers.

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