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  • IIRC sometime back when Hawaii started issuing medical marijuana cards they also sent notice to anyone who had firearms they had 30 days to turn them in. Hawaii also has firearm registration so imagine that.

    I have long said that if the federal government won't go after states that legalized marijuana since it is still illegal federally, then they should not be going after states like Texas over things like the Made in and stays in Texas suppressors being sold without going through the NFA stuff.

  • The entire thing sounds like a trap to me and waiving the $200 tax is the bait.. just the ATFs way to entice you to join their list.

  • Q.)
    one surrendering a medical card in florida is there a wait before someone can try to purchase a firearm after the card is surrendered.

  • How does a dishonesty crime of violating the federal marijuana law prove a propensity for the medical marijuana patient to be violent? Where is the nexus there?

  • Groups classified by race or religion are specifically protected by the constitution. The speaking of removal of a constitutional right of a group of people based on race religion gender sexual orientation IS DEFINED AS TREASON!!!!! their argument "in history" is complete bullshit and they can be executed…. regulation of drugs didn't come until the 20s and the war on drugs is just a validation excuse. Interesting how the government gave itself the power to WAGE WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE bypassing the entire constitution.

  • There is no different then being prescribed marijuana than being prescribed pain killers except I trust someone more being prescribed marijuana

  • I can go get a bottle of pills from my doctor for my back pain. I will still legally be carrying my firearms. If I smoke some of the devil's lettuce? Straight to jail. Makes sense.

  • I would like to know why Governor DeSantis is against it?

  • What would happen if every state in the union was recreational and /or medical ?

  • I have no stomach, crushed low back, and can’t sleep or eat without it. Now what? Because of my ailments I’m not able to handle a firearm in a respectable manner? The lunacy of these people…

  • How was Hunter Biden able to buy a gun?

  • So if you have chronic pain from a spinal surgery or something you're not allowed to get a firearm to protect yourself? Wouldn't this type of person need more protection has a handicap

  • I totally lost. What the difference between Marijuana and alcohol? ATF drink every weekend and they still can have a gun but not citizens whose used medical Marijuana.

  • but the question is kind of stupid because most strung out druggies aren't going to buy a firearm from a legit place. They going to go to the local fence and try to buy something for less than a hundred with no background so they can hold up liquor stores or restaurants like that crackhead tried to hold up in Houston except that one didn't even splurge for the real thing which is probably good since he would have likely shot someone by accident with his twitchy crack fingers.

  • Feds:

    Opiate pain killers? I sleep.
    Amphetamine ADHD pills? I sleep.
    Cannabis pain treatment? REAL SHIT

  • Other problems with the gun and cannabis possession, I thought on a federal level that if you had a AR15 and a certain amount of Marijuana you could be charged with a gun crime. We had a court trial here in Washington State in called Kettle Falls Five and were in Kettle Falls . They had certain guns and had a farm.

  • Drugs and firearms don't mix and never have. Make your choice but you can't have both. It never occurred to these people that in order to locally legalize your drug use they willingly vote away all their other rights to get those drugs so they can get high. You don't need to be a Bible thumper to be clean. Joining the Military or being a firearm owner takes care of that problem all by itself. Drugs will never be tolerated and those of you who partake are outcasts and aliened from the community as you should be. I don't want to be anywhere near you with a firearm loaded or not with illegal drugs in your system. Remember that is how Chris Kyle and his best friend Chad Littlefield was murdered.

  • The judges probably will make the right decision, but the government won't accept it and appeal till the end of days.

  • Oh well, the government will add to the 4473 to include, Indians, Catholics and also Slaves and their descendants. About that.
    That shows how fuc#up is the mindset in government.

  • 13:10 side effects: hungry, happy, and sleepy. LOL

  • Do federal officials operate with good moral intent?

  • How come criminals that completed their sentences and probation and pot heads lose their 2nd amendment rights but they don’t lose the 1st, 4th,5th, or any other amendment rights.

  • This is sort of the same issue as pro drivers. They are subject to drug screening to remain licensed. I wonder how many avoid MM simply to keep their jobs?

  • Check the documented, historical track record of prohibition and you will find it has never worked. I've lived in the Middle East for years where opiate possession typically resulted in the death penalty. In Saudi Arabia you can buy heroin on the "black market." Further, the real history behind marijuana being made illegal in the USA is a national disgrace and the social consequences have been devastating. .

  • Makes me wonder why alcohol isn't a dangerous drug. It's the most dangerous yet socially acceptable. Extreme alcoholism and guns, good plan.

  • What if you only use the creams an never get high?

  • Because of SOME people misusing our prescription pain pills , most of the legitimate pain patients have been cut off or reduced dosages and suicides went up. I'm not suicidal but I have been cut too far back and my doctor wants me to use medical marijuana to help with the gap in relief but I can't because Federal Law would interfere with all of my gun rights(Constitutional–God Given at birth) and certain employment that is regulated in some way by the Federal Government. While we are at it, Marijuana should have the same or less restrictions than tobacco and certainly less than booze or strong wine.

  • "of the people for the people and by the people" and other such sick jokes…

  • I am so glad to hear you guys talk about this, I have pondered it for a long time. You seem to be saying that the issue is purchasing and possessing firearms. But, the 4473 is only about qualifying to make a purchase, not previous purchases or ownership, right? So let's say I own guns and answered that question honestly, no, each time. Then, I started legal (or illegal) usage, that doesn't make it illegal to keep the ones I have, does it?

  • 🐍━━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  • I had a Florida Marijuana card for over a year, and had stopped using it after a while. The conflict with legally buying guns is what prevents me from getting my card renewed. It is absolutely ridiculous at this point that cannabis is still illegal the way it is.

  • Americans who own guns wont seek mental health treatment because people who swear an oath, fail to uphold that oath.

  • Amendment 2, Amendment 4, Amendment 5, Amendment 8, Amendment 10. If I dont have to testify against myself in a criminal trial, I sure as Hell dont have to initiate a criminal investigation against myself.

  • If it helps at all I live in upstate NY. I am a Chronic pain patient. Because of the opioid epidemic they are taking almost all chronic pain patients off their pain meds and the only thing they are allowing them is medical marijuana and Suboxone.I even had a doctor who is known by other doctors for altering records and putting people into treatment against their will. Because of that I am a bit sensitive about many of your remarks about opioids. I can tell you it's a more complex topic than is generally understood.

  • With the second amendment why would anyone need an application to own a gun?

  • I didn't know the 2nd amendment was conditional. What part of shall not be infringed is covered by this law?

  • In Illinois because of FOID the fed system and the state system is paired so if you have a card regardless off how you answer you get an automatic rejection, which to appeal you must card must be expired and then you must wait a period off up to five years depending on when card was issued, then depending on appeal process still drop clean urine, this on a conversion with a gun store manager on what happens with an Illinois medical card, another reason how infringement occurs when you have a FOID system

  • Tobacco is an addictive substance, and so is caffeine.

  • 👍🎯

  • My exact interpretation.

  • The federal agencies have a history of ignoring the 10th amendment.

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