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  • Not worth the price

  • I personally would be extremely pissed for doing so that time for nothing. If anything though his story shows that nothing is real. It's all written into law by out of touch crooked politicians. He did that time for nothing and got literally being ahead of the government and their plan cause now it's all of a sudden ok to smoke weed? Our government and rules suck. I think so drugs should be legal. Would make a lot of sense but they really don't care about us or our health at the end of the day. It's all about money and fuckin people over.

  • That's the guy that was in the movie blow right? The big guy tuna? They never said what happened with him in the movie, all of a sudden he was just gone.

  • Feds were just mad at a man making money

  • Pathetic system. Clowns

  • Stop legalize weed, Idiots

  • Tuna is a hero

  • He should get he's weed for free no limit. No questions asked what so ever.

    Respect sir.

  • I admire your positivity! I learned a lot from you from this quick clip ❤️🙏🏽

  • It’s honestly Disgusting he got over a year jus for weed. Everyone that ever got locked up on weed crimes should’ve been released the second it became legal in one state in the country. They lock people up because it puts the pill drug companies outta business

  • Bruh said 30 years wtf sheesh

  • This dude is a national treasure the people who put him in jail are the lamest people of all time

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  • And people are still incarcerated over marijuana 🤯

  • The people who sentenced him to 30 years for weed are the real criminals

  • 😭😘💋💖✨🌟✨✨✨✨✨🍁✨✨✨✨💗

  • This guy is a legend should be compensated!

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  • There are thousands
    of us former pot smugglers

  • Well i ordered twice from kush_fisher2020 on snap both ibs and it went through fedex and not caught was damn shocked when it was delivered to me and when i threw eye, the packaging was … even dogs could not perceive it

  • I mean he did smuggle weed internationally when people were already growing it in the US. I wouldn’t say 30 yrs was justified, maybe 10yrs. Also I don’t really see how he changed anything by being incarcerated.

  • You literally can’t put a price on happiness and weed makes you feel good

  • its so shity how half his life was in a cell

  • I think it’s amazing people are helping cannabis become legal and continue to take this forward. I hate that I live in Kentucky where it seems like we’re fighting with no future ahead of us. They won’t even give us the chance to vote it into legalization. They just keep crushing anything that goes in front of them. I don’t understand why other states are allowed to vote for legalization but we aren’t. If they aren’t going to give us the right to vote they need to remove United we stand from everything because this country is far from united

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  • thank you Tuna !!! God bless him

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  • I love Trulieve

  • TheDirtRider
    TheDirtRider After doing 10 for my smuggles, I will never buy government weed. Met Bobby once. I was just out when he went in. We both worked with some of the same connections in Colombia. Good to share stories with him at the CannaCup that weekend in Everett.

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