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  • Great video and the truth.

  • Cannabis actually makes anxiety and depression worse…

  • Major out of criminal Class action financial setttelmrnt texas : Foxnews cnn

  • Inherited a fortune from monmy

  • A POSITIVE Drug Story?! Is that even legal?✌‍

  • I'm not a doctor, but I believe in what he says, cannabis is medicine. It can help to fight against many diseases like chronic pain.

  • I need this on oil for my daughter needs it for Catatonia

  • This is why I love weed so much 🥰❤️❤️ I started smoking it for my anxiety last year 💯

  • Cannabis has been a huge part of my life since I was roughly 12/13 years old. I’m 27 now. Helps immensely with my ADHD, anxiety and depressive disorder. I quit smoking for four years to pursue a career in Crime Scene Forensics. I was never so miserable in my life.. I dropped that career path and now grow Medical Marijuana for dispensaries in Florida, for a living. Follow your heart. You have to try and enjoy what you’re doing every day. Smoke up, everyone. 🖤

  • Marijuana is NOT medicine! It is bad for your brain and health my dad di Marijuana in the past and that lead him to drugs.

  • Can marijuana help my tenitus ringing of the ears in a serum i'v had it for 22 years Doctors say no know cure I'm at wits end can you help ! PLEASE

  • People with severe anxiety or depression will always be looked at as lazy stoners if weed makes them feel better.

  • my self and my lovely husband was able to eliminate our deadly virus hiv with the help of DR AJAKAJA herbal remedies may God continue to protect you sir.

  • Cannabis is a pharmaceutical intellectual property lawyer’s worst nightmare…. of course it’s federally illegal.

  • Listen I got ADHD n for years now no one’s know….

  • Smoke some weed people 🔥

  • The oil off weed helps with arthritis.

  • Doctors agree that it has medical benefits it needs to become federally legal

  • There's no reason why a plant with such huge medical benefits should be illegal it's medicine it should be treated as such its a healing herb

  • Aye where my med stoners at I got Severe Ibs ptsd and Autism Chrinic Pain and Chronic Nausea been using Cannabis for 4 years in total it helps me a ton legalize it

  • I dont see why the fuching government cracks down on weed like the shits amazing and less harmful then cigarettes but those are legal

  • I've had a very rough day today Which led me to being very sad but this thumbnail made me smile. 😁

  • It's a blessing for my ADHD

  • human needed goverment not truth about real life

  • I used to smoke for sleep. But now i smoke to keep my mind stress free.

  • i think weed is a great thing for people but when kids start to do it and do it everyday and over use it then that’s when it becomes a problem because look im a kid and i’ve done it a few times i don’t over due it but some kids just don’t stop and when you don’t stop it could lead to debt buy spending all your money on it and other stuff it’s a harmless drug and i can’t wait to see it become legal because it does really help alot of people but you know damn well that kids are gonna come along and make it not legal just like vapes soon i guarantee that vapes will not be sold and vapes have helped alot of adults get off cigarettes and i gurnnatee that kids will start mixing the weed with other drugs and it will cause weed to be illegal again but yes weed is a very good drug to help with cancer and overall stressed out people who just need a quick escape from reality and really feel great

  • that lady in the lab coat looks like Brittny Murphy !

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