6 Tips for Healthy Skin – Simple and Natural

6 Tips for Healthy Skin – Simple and Natural

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Hi there,
My name is Niamh and I have a BSc in Nursing Science. I make videos on simple, natural healthy living. I hope you enjoy!


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  • I'm always stressed about the marks my acne leaves on chin and they are not going away

  • Fresh air? 🤔

  • Wow

  • Ghas ka juice?

  • What is that Grass 😂

  • Wow ,thx ❤️

  • Me drinking water while watching 😂

  • I saw your channel first time and i just fall in love in first sight ❤️ keep making these helpful ❤️ videos … Love u from india

  • I have cold right now and Pimples Frizzy hair UH IDFK HOW IM GONNA GLOW UP?

  • ehh a healthy skins not worth all that after all 😛

  • Me: * drinks alot of water *
    My lips: * still dry for some reason *

  • Ireland?

  • “ breathe fresh air”
    Me who lives in New Delhi : 👁👄👁

  • I have a problem that is I sleep early but when I weka up I see my hole face is oily and when I go out for study it really desturb me please help me if you can . I'm going to Your enstrsgram ok

  • Thank you soo much, I will try it

  • Plz suggest me a health diet

  • Guys! Dont forget to use coconut oil!

  • Very much informative, Last year in Feb 2020, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. Took allopathic treatment for 6 months but got no relief. Then I came to know about Planet Ayurveda's Psora care pack, taking it from the last 4 months, relieved approx 80%, Thank you dr Chauhan and planet Ayurveda

  • eewww greens… but what can I do? xD

  • One extra tip: NEVER ever touch your face with dirty hands. Bacteria build up during the day while we are touching all kinds of disgusting stuff (at work, public transportation,…). Rubbing this on your skin will result in acne/black spots etc… Use a natural hand sanitizer on a regular basis for extra protection.

  • I follow this routine for about 1 months and I am seeing some different thank you so much

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  • Tip number 7: Born with good skin genetic.

  • ;0

  • My acne is from PCOS. I can only reduce triggers. I still have it even in my 50s.

  • hot water or normal water good for skin and weightloss plz reply plz

  • She is just giving general good tips . Use your common sense and get a detailed check up for bad skin despite it ! Good luck !

  • ⟟ ⌰ ⍜ ⎐ ⟒ ⟟ ⏁

  • Also use sunscreen and reapply every two hours!!!

  • Provide English subtitles mam….

  • Water water water

  • Thank you for sharing. Appreciate it.

  • Thank you so much❤

  • I want to get fresh air but I get smog and das no good fo’ my skin… damn

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