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  • This was great! Thank you!

  • Ohhhh, my med mmj journey 😆… I had a bit to much GDP concentrate in a home made edible with noon education on dosing.. the truclear syringes I initially put it under my tongue and it was sooooooo bitter and disgusting I didn't know I was supposed to warm syringe in water and put it with the brownie mix vs just put the oil in the browie 😆 well me trying to be master cook of vegetables didn't want to cook away the medicinal properties of the weed cooking it in the brownie battar lol.. it unfortunately is not cost effective for my financial situation monthly and not excessible.. my area had q dispensery trulieve in Tampa 😆 a year later curleaf bought a few buildings that were banks at one point lol.. liberty science had super silver haze vape.. that was the best medicinal wise for me 😆..

  • Thank you for this! I have a few questions! I live in Georgia! What’s steps do I have to get for Medical cannibis? If it’s not approved in Georgia what’s a good CBD oil to use, gummies and other products?

  • I wish Wisconsin would hurry up and legalize Medical MJ. I'm so tired of being on so many Prescription meds. I think it would help with my h-EDS pain and other chronic illnesses. I do use cbd isolate vape pens, cbd balm, Pure Raw cbd isolate powder to make my own cbd products. Thanks for the video it was very informative and helpful!! God Bless You!!

  • Idk of y’all know this but cbd helps with Crohn’s disease (I also have it ) because it’s an anti-inflammatory

  • It has literally saved my life. Given up the opiates too.

  • Love you guys! I enjoy the new videos! I hope you guys are well!

  • How sweet to witness such devotion between the two of you in supporting one another with your chronic health challenges. It’s something I wish I had with my husband and family.💖

  • Thanks you guys that was a big help I appreciate it tons💜💙 thinking you always. Glad to see you.

  • Wish the UK would let us have dispensaries. It would help me so much

  • 0:40 You can add me to that list.

  • Australia needs to wake up and smell the cannabis. I'm so sick of butting heads with my doctor about using diazepam on an as needed basis for the treatment of high anxiety levels – I now keep a log of ALL my as needed meds to keep track of how often I use certain meds.

    Thank-you for this educational tour of how the US is helping to keep treatments more natural. One day it will come in handy here …once our politicians stop bickering and actually start taking care of Australians.

  • so how do i bring this up to my doctor to get approved? I have crohns and they are trying to put me on Cimzia for it. I have massive inflmmation in my body and my left hip is the worst. 2kmg of Naproxen a day is not helping neither is the Emu cream, bio freeze or asper cream. Ice packs and heat pads also do nothing. I have been looking into this myself but cannabis is not approved in my state yet so i need a medical card. How do i get this the pain is getting to be more and more intense every day. Thank you! 🙂

  • Can you please do a video on how your health is now with using these items? Do you still have your port, use a wheelchair for Disney, etc.? I have a lot of the same health issues but am scared to give up the prescription medications for these items. Thank you so much 😊

  • Love this video just got approved for medical march 17

  • If you find any Lavender strains, I HIGHLY recommend you grab some lol! I smoke flower and I used to dab but now I just stick with flower. I have to be careful with edible tinctures because they use coconut oil sometimes and I am allergic to coconut…

  • King Louis xiii is great for my nausea. I'm glad these are helping you out 😊💚

  • I still havent tried Grow Healthy yet. I need to make a trip to Orlando soon.

  • Love it 💚💚💚

  • Nothing wrong with using Cannabis for medical reason! Wish this was legal in 🇮🇸 but will probably never happen!

  • NOTHING wrong with Cannabis in ANY form medical or otherwise , FULLY legalise it all 50 States for any 21+ already !!!

  • So glad you guys posting again ❤ stay safe and don't go out too much. Janiece please don't go out too much, this virus isn't safe ❤

  • I wish I could get that here. Kentucky sucks.

  • I just sub to ! I’m still waiting for Green Bay WI to legalize !

  • I’m from Michigan and they sell flower 🌺😂

  • I’m so happy we are aloud to have mm in Florida

  • You are so fortunate to have medical MJ in your state. I’m still waiting for TX to legalize for everyone 😥

  • Thank you for re-posting

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