✨ ASMR Spa Treatments | My visit to Whisperlodge ✨

✨ ASMR Spa Treatments | My visit to Whisperlodge ✨

A visit to experience an immersive ASMR Spa! This is Whisperlodge an immersive tingle experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the sections were a little unusual but overall I had a very strong response to it especially the caring and gentle personal attention.
5:29 – The Sound Bath
10:54 – Teacher’s Room
24:59 – The Clinic
38:09 – The Boudoir Room
49:36 – Binaural Sound Meditation
59:21 – The View
1:02:58 – My Reaction


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  • Kudos for putting themselves out there. I think if I was a woman I might find one or two things he said a bit creepy eg "I'd like you to come into my office", but I'm not so who am I to judge? Very rarely find male voices in the least relaxing, but I have to say Nicholas had a very relaxing voice, would definitely work on me. Indeed either of them whispering at me and I'd be out like a light within minutes. Some of the crunching sounds would make me jump, not my cup of tea. ASMR is the only thing that calms my anxiety and ptsd. I wish there was such a thing near me 👍

  • the only bad part was the extremely uncomfortable singing

  • This is defiantly some freemason shit from the lodge name too the “sound bath” aka “blood bath” to the chanting then the blindfolding

  • This gave me the most tingles I had in a long time❤

  • This is the creepiest yet most relaxing ASMR video I have ever watched and listened to.

    The singing is odd.

  • Well… This has to be the most relaxing 😌 horror movie 🎥 I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Thank you so much 😊 for this ASMR video, especially when I feel like I’m already at a beauty spa 🧖‍♀️ after Covid-19 is gone! Thank you so much 😊!!!!!

  • How nice of Josh Groban to do this for you.

  • it's time to go inside! inside! everybody clean-up! clean-up~! 🙃

  • So no one else hears that in the background or is just me. (from 12:45 to 24:20)

  • Lol even though I’ve watched this video like nightly the honk of the car horn still scares me as the guide is talking into her ears. One of the best videos I’ve come across in asmr! Fingers crossed maybe you’ll do another one

  • The irony of the car honk when he says "distant city sounds" always cracks me up.

  • This video reminds me so much of midsommar movie,warm color tone and peaceful asmosphere but deep in it lies a very disturbing feeeling

  • midsommar vibes

  • ermmmm i was fine till the singing started… nope horror film vibes

  • 12:44 whats that noise all about ??????

  • Most relaxing scary movie I've ever seen.

  • He asks…..did you silence your cellphone…….yes I silenced myself lol 😆 no no your cellphone:)) oh and the blindfold part reminded me of that movie 91/2 weeks I was like oh hell no lol whatever you do ,dont go stoned in there u wont come out the same lol

  • 4 years later and I'm happy to watch this video again like it's the first time I'm watching it

  • He sounds like a writer he understands ASMR fully perfect combination ❤️❤️❤️

  • I- this is so friggin scary but im so relaxed… I'm very conflicted right now

  • The car horn makes me laugh, right after he says to listen to the sounds around us 4:42

  • to this day, the legend says nobody knows if it is now

  • It’s giving midsommar

  • That sound is the cow that was to be sacrificed

  • Do we have an update on if the first guy has a channel??

  • Is it now ? Yea it’s now I leg it outta there’s as fast as I can 🏃‍♀️

  • no offense to Nicholas but doesn't Nicholas kind of look like Murray off of stranger things.
    who else thinks that


  • Creeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppy

  • Can't believe it's been 4 years I remember watching this when it was a week old…

  • will today be the day i make it to the end of the video??

    update….it wasn’t

  • Why is that lady moaning she is ruining it for other people

  • I really would love love love to be able to experience this. Unfortunately no live asmr experience anywhere close to me I live in Georgia and I have searched for it and nothing 😭. Would be so cool if there was a giveaway to be able to come out with your favorite asmrtist and experience this with them

  • This is literally amazing. I want one of these in my community

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